Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matt Giraud, Out and Adam Lambert Landed on Bottom 2

First off, kudos to the rest of the contestants for giving us a good show on the Top 5 Performance Night on American Idol Season 8. Now, we're no longer being tortured with so-so type of singing. I really can't forget when Scott sang The Search is Over, it almost has broken my eardrums. Oh well, I have moved on after the search really became over for Scott and Lil and now Matt. I intentionally left Anoop out. I would want to see him reach the Top 5 spot to know what else he can give. I know that he won't survive the Rock and Roll week eventually.

The eliminations night caught me by surprise. All along, I thought that Adam Lambert is indispensable. I thought that we are only waiting who is going to be pitted against him on finals night. Maybe people got too irritated with the judges' blatant commendation of the guy that they did not vote for him like they used to. And Allison, instead, got the votes that prevented her from landing in the Bottom 3. She was so good on performance night. I agree with other people that Simon said that he thought that she'll be in danger this week to make the sympathy votes pour into her phone line. It worked, right?

I refuse to like Danny Gokey but he was also good last Tuesday. Adam was being set up to win the ball game. He always has nice stage lighting, position and Tuesday's grand entrance. But the guy is also superb. I told you, the show is getting better as it comes near its end. Among all the contestants, Matt deserves his fate. It was written all over his face Tuesday night. If Allison still doesn't pose the "I will win" kind of confidence, Matt's looks give the "I will definitely be the one to be booted out next" impression.

Anything is still possible to happen. Much as the judges would like to think that it will be an Adam-Danny finale, it can still be anybody's ballgame. Is it too much to ask if I would wish for an Allison-Kris finale? That would be awesome. I still hope that Kris will make it to the finals and eventually win. I wonder how he will fare on next week's theme, which is Rock and Roll. He should really give his best because this is the genre where Allison and mighty Adam excel.

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