Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Success of Bride for Rent and the Decision to Break Up the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Tandem on TV

Credits to Xian Lim's Instagram account - xianlimm
This is a long overdue review of this film that made me laugh so hard and fall in love even more with its two leads. I watched it along with my family, including my 3 and 9-year-old nieces who both adore KimXi. We made sure that we were at the cinema before the first screening, but the line was so long that we ended up 10 minutes late for the screening, but at least, we were still able to secure good seats.

I am not really a fan of the director in terms of her visuals. But Direk Mae Cruz is a genius when it comes to storytelling. She makes sure that she does not leave anything hanging or missed out.

Story wise, Bride for Rent is quite simple and formulaic. Based on the casts' past interviews, they started filming this without a finished story and script, so at the start, they did not have any idea as to where this would lead. The writers of this film, I believe, were on-call on the set most of the time. I can just imagine the rigorous brainstorming sessions that took place after each working day or even after each take, while the group was still creating this bound to be blockbuster hit.

The finished film was a group effort and they appeared to have a happy ambience on the set most of the time, based on the Instagram and Twitter posts of many of the people involved in its creation.

It is not the story that lured many of its viewers to pay in order to see the film. Even with the trailer, you would already know that it is a cliche type of story. Most people flocked the cinemas for three reasons: 1. Kim Chiu was very funny. Even in the trailer, one will laud at Kim's comedic timing. She was good in BHKCNCM, but she was at her best (in terms of comedy) in BFR. 2. Xian Lim already has gotten a lot of swooning girls' following from BHKCNCM and he looks even sexier in BFR. He has also improved a lot in acting, especially with his dramatic moments. 3. The most important reason why many people could not get enough of the film and many are willing to pay for it over and over again to take another peek is the enigmatic chemistry between Kim and Xian. When I watched it, people were so kilig each time Rocco and Rocky would share the screen time. This loveteam has the magic that is quite hard to ignore.

After the first screening ended, we were supposed to transfer seats, so that we could be nearer to the exit since we would only be catching up on the few scenes that we did not see. But there seemed to be an onslaught of people in the cinema that no one could leave their seats, even just to take a CR break, worried that they would lose their places. It was even more surprising when we were about to leave the cinema. We could not find the stairs. People were all over. There were people up to the CR’s doors and they were all willing to endure such viewing experience in order to watch this flick. It was the first time that I experienced this in the cinema. It was the first weekend run of BFR. The next weekend, they already opened two cinemas, which both became full-packed.

Congrats to the BFR team and its coherent director. Congrats to the writers and other creative staff for coming up with memorable lines. Congrats to the efficient supporting casts. Congrats to Kim and Xian and their overflowing chemistry.

After the hit and success came the KimXi break-up on TV:

Rocco and Rocky are ordinary characters that were given life and excitement by Kim and Xian. For sure, many viewers have become fans of the team-up after seeing the film. They weren't given this kind of exposure on their TV projects. Most of the time, especially on their last TV soap, Ina, Kapatid, Anak, it appeared that they were only used, especially Kim, since she was the bigger star, in order to boost the career of the other actors. The horrors of IKA, there were even nights when Kim would have fewer scenes in favor of Maja Salvador's character, even if the latter would only frequent the bar and other unimportant scenes that could have already been omitted.

Well, that's the difference between TV and film. Although I am not happy with the news that ABS-CBN has decided to break the KimXi tandem on TV, giving Kim different partners (both actors whom are favored by the drama unit known as Dreamscape, Jake Cuenca and Coco Martin) and not having announced regarding what they plan about Xian's TV career, I think that it is already expected, although it still hurts.

From the fans' point of view, both Xian and Kim are not their drama unit's favorites. As a KimXi fan, I am already looking forward to their movies. If ever Xian would be delegated to another drama unit, I also look forward to the roles that would be given to him. As for Kim, I am pretty sure that many of her fans are now worried that she might again be given the kind of treatment that she had with IKA and, of course, Tayong Dalawa, which eventually became a Coco-centric soap and they even killed Kim's character in the end. Both soaps were produced by Dreamscape. At least, this new soap that stars Kim along with Coco Martin, will be handled by her director in My Binondo Girl, Malu Sevilla. I hope that Direk Malu will give Kim the proper exposure and airtime that she deserves with her status, being not only a hitmaker on TV, but on movies as well. I will watch it for the love of Kim.

I will miss the KimXi tandem on TV. I will miss Kim doing comedy. It is hard to be a fangirl, especially when the actors that you are rooting for work in a station, where favoritism is the name of the game. Well, at least, I still could hope for their future movies and while it is still showing, let us all watch Bride for Rent over and over again.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bride for Rent, Starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Opens on January 15

Happy fangirling at the start of the year. So excited to watch this latest flick, Bride for Rent, which stars Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. The movie, which is going to be a certified hit opens on January 15, 2014.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim New Movie, Bride for Rent, Opens on January 15, 2014

After the success of Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo, for sure, many fans of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are eagerly waiting for this one, entitled, Bride for Rent. 'Hoping that this will surpass the success of BHKCNCM and may this begin the new year on the right path for these two well-loved personalities. The film is being helmed by Direk Mae Cruz.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Performs Magkabilang Mundo in ASAP

Less than three 3, indeed! I am pretty sure that many people are already waiting for their next movie and teleserye. Hopefully, they will be given more chances to perform something like this in ASAP, mall or out of town/country shows. Is it too much to ask for a KimXi album? =) Good job, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim. More!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Unforgettable Sights of the Star Magic Ball 2013

Is it just me, or many stars really opted to be simple on the recently concluded Star Magic Ball 2013? There are only a few who stood out, but those who did really shone that night and gave the viewing public great examples as to why they ought to be called stars.

This is the list of my favorite attendees at the glamorous ball.

Kim Chiu, as always, never failed to prove why she is being looked up to by many fashion enthusiasts. She looked like a princess at the ball, with the equally good looking escort, Xian Lim, who made Kim glowing and even more beautiful.

Another belle who carried her ball gown with such confidence, glam and style is Julia Barretto. Her overall style, from the hair, make-up and gown, is quite fitting for her age.

Ella Cruz looked sweet and very cute at the ball.

Janella Salvador or Ma'am Nicki to those who watch TV-series, Be Careful with My Heart, looked like a sweetheart that night.

This may not be a stand-out gown, but Nikki Gil's attitude made it all up for whatever's lacking in her ensemble. When asked to describe her style by a staff of The Buzz, she happily said that this is her "moving-on" look.

Ms. Dawn Zulueta has already mastered the art of elegance.

It is not so much about Rica Peralejo's gown, but she looked very happy and pretty, and still sexy even though she's pregnant.

For the men, I'd be biased because after watching "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?", I no longer find any male local celebs who can match the appeal of Xian Lim.

And I am quite sure that many girls, including this blogger, were quite envy of Kim Chiu with the very sweet gesture of how Xian invited Kim to be his date for the ball, as Kim gave us a peek how on her Instagram account.

This is my favorite KimXi picture at the ball. They really deserve the Fabulous Pair award.

There were also certain celebrities who were unforgettable for other reasons.

Maricar Reyes had managed to look quite appealing and classy in the past Star Magic formal events, but she opted for a simpler overall this time. Although she still looked pretty, her chosen style made her look like she would only go and dine out with someone and not attend a glamorous occasion like this one.

Kean Cipriano in a messy overall.

Ansaveh ni Kiray?! Tarush! Very Doña Guada in the body of an 8-yr-old kid.

Photo credits to: Instagram - chinitaprincess, xianlimm; StyleBible.ph & PEX

Monday, September 2, 2013

Insignificant Local Showbiz Stories Making Headlines

There are certain showbiz stories that will make you look forward to hear more about, but there are those that would make you ask, “Why did it even make it in the news? Does anyone really care?”

Bato-Bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magagalit =)

·         It’s confirmed! Derek Ramsay admitted that yes, Cristine Reyes is already his girlfriend and that he thinks that this time, it’s going to be forever. Aaaw… This relationship is like the Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson admission – no one cares, or okay, maybe a few, but not enough to keep on talking about it. They can keep it to themselves and no one would mind, okay again, maybe a few haha!

Cristine and Maja are already branded as the bad girls in showbizness. Cristine, for warring with her family in public and Maja, for choosing a playboy boyfriend over a serious friendship. Gerald is on his way to being a “has-been” and Derek, I don’t know about him, he is no longer in my showbiz radar, taray haha!

·         Melai Cantiveros, as per the tweets of Ogie Diaz, is pregnant, courtesy of her playboy boyfriend, Jason Francisco. All together now, “Uh-oh!”

·         Claudine Barretto sued her former husband, Raymart Santiago. Gretchen Barretto posted a picture of her with Randy Santiago. Marjorie Barretto was infuriated with allegations that Tony Boy, Gretchen’s partner, is sending her children to school. Gretchen and Marjorie think that Claudine is the basher hiding in many aliases who has been throwing many juicy allegations their way. The mom of these girls… This is a never-ending story, really, and it’s getting boring and repetitious through time.

·         Lovi Poe says that what she and Rocco Nacino have is special friendship. Lovi and who?!

·         Rayver Cruz has a crush on Dina Bonevie, saying that he even bought a magazine that featured a sexy Dina on the cover. Anybody cares about Rayver? He may be a good dancer, good actor, but he does not have the kind of charisma that will make people interested with whatever’s happening to him. Next!

·         Max Collins does not want to follow the footsteps of Megan Young. Who’s asking, anyway? And who is this Max & why did she hire PR writers to write about her? Sayang ang space haha!

These news items may only be fillers as bigger news are set to hit the industry in the coming days or so. Hopefully, the local showbiz industry will again be filled with interesting and worthy stories, which involved interesting and worthy personalities. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Magic of the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Tandem Perfectly Showcased in Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo

I watched Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo mid-afternoon on a weekday in a cinema in Bulacan and I was really surprised that the venue was almost full. We were of different ages. There were kids, teenagers, yuppies, professionals and there were also a lot of senior citizens. I was with a friend who only came with me because she knows how fond I am of the film’s female lead, Kim Chiu.

From the beginning, it will captivate you because the film talks to its audience via its wacky narrator who happens to be the author of the book where this was based from, Ramon Bautista. He uses a language that is direct and will really affect those who have experienced the beautiful and ugly sides of falling in love.

Kim is very beautiful in this film and she blooms even more whenever she shares screen time with leading man, Xian Lim. I watched two of Kim’s films on the big screen in the past, Paano na Kaya and Till My Heartaches End, but I must commend that she’s at her prettiest in BHKCNCM. She’s also very natural here, with the way she delivers her lines and convincing the audience that her character, Sandy, is in love with Xian’s character, Alex.

People may be used at Kim with drama because of the typical roles that she gets on TV, but in this film, she has proven that she can be good with comedy as well. Her laughter is contagious and it just seemed so real.

Xian was an eye candy and will get your attention from the moment that his character was introduced. He really was yummy. I can no longer count how many times I uttered “Ang gwapo ni Xian” when I was watching the film until now that I am typing this blog entry. More than his looks though, he was able to deliver a very convincing take on his role. He excels at scenes where he was tasked to play the guitar and sing.

Before I watched the film, I thought that its main selling point would be the genre, as it was marketed as an all out wacky comedy. As the film progresses, you can’t help but be captivated with the powerful chemistry of Kim and Xian. Their love (or their characters’ love) for one another will get through you. It would not be hard to convince people that they really feel what their characters were going through. There were no “pilit” moments. The “kilig” happens every time they were together on screen. They deserve to be given the best screen kiss award for this film.

I am a KimXi fan even before, but my companion was not. This film made her a KimXi fan as well and it feels so good that I now share my craziness about the tandem with my friend. Judging from the audience’ reaction, it seems as if the legions of KimXi fans have broadened after witnessing their magic on screen via BHKCNCM.

The movie was fast-paced. Star Cinema tried to inject the family angle in both Kim and Xian’s characters. While it worked for Xian’s side, it was not that needed for Kim’s character. They could have simply explained her back story without dwelling a lot on her family. Pokwang, who could have helped in providing more laughs with her brand of comedy, played the role of Kim’s mother, was tasked to do solely light drama scenes.

Unlike the Sarah-John Lloyd films where you will also love the supporting players because of the witty lines and great execution, BHKCNCM stood out mainly because of its two leads, no more, no less. They both delivered well and have I already mushed over their chemistry and magic? Haha!

So I went to watch this film as a fan who was more inclined to Kim, with a friend who could not care less about Kim or Xian. I went out as a solid KimXi fan and now a die-hard Xian admirer, with a friend who also became a fan of the team-up and someone who’s now arranging groups to go with us to watch the film again for the love of Xian Lim.

Hopefully, this film will perform well in the tills. I want to see more of Kim and Xian on TV and on the big screen. The team-up will surely remind you that life and love can be sweet and beautiful just by looking at these two.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lea Michele, Moving On after the Death of Cory Monteith

After weeks of grieving for a lost love, Cory Monteith, whom she was engaged to, TV's Glee star, Lea Michele posted her appreciation to those who are helping her cope for her loss, via her Twitter account.
Their love story may not have a happy ending, but as they say, life has to move on. We can only wish the best for Lea, while awaiting on how the writers of Glee would incorporate the death of one of its lead stars to its story as the show premieres its fifth season this August.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Outspoken Paras Kids, EB Super Sireyna Scandal and the Billy-Nikki Breakup

Wow, the local showbiz industry is once again alive, with facts and rumors that inject life to the gossip-mongers like mwah!

This one first – the Kobe and Andre Paras feud (?) with their mom, former actress, Jackie Forster. I understand the press and their need to voice out their concerns regarding the apparent dislike of these kids to their real mother. As many have already said, most people in this country have high respect for moms. This may be the reason why there are a lot who are now judging the boys because they could not contain their dislike for Jackie.

CTO: Philstar.com
In the first place, would we hear these teenage voices speaking their angry hearts out towards their mother had they not been asked about the matter? They were asked. They spoke the truth about how they really feel at the moment and they were bombarded with criticisms.

I may not like what I’ve been hearing from the sons of Benjie Paras, but I also feel for them in a way. When I was at their age, I also spoke and thought like them. I may not be placed in a similar situation, but I would react the same way if I was. I mean, I would feel like I already have an ideal family and an ideal mom who treated me like her own and made me forget about the misgivings of my real mom. By entering into the picture at this time, it may feel as if the real mom is trying to destabilize the world that the step-mom has already perfected for them.

We must also take into consideration that Jackie had these kids at the same age that Kobe and Andre are now in. If Jackie was so hard-headed at the time to give up her career for love and not mind her own family, you will no longer wonder where these kids have gotten this similar attitude from.

Oh well, now that they have entered the business, it is only expected that they are going to be asked about the tinniest details of their private lives. They must now be more guarded and learn how to say, no comment, especially if they can’t lie about how they really feel about the matter that is being talked about.

CTO: gmanetwork.com
OMG, with the nude photo scandal of the recently crowned Eat Bulaga Super Sireyna, the one who used Kim Chiu as his moniker during the pageant. I doubt if Eat Bulaga will dethrone him because they were not clear in the first place if they have strict rules that are similar with prestigious beauty pageants like Bb. Pilipinas. It is sad though because after the scandal, I don’t think that he would get the kind of respect that he may have been after, even from the very outspoken hosts of Eat Bulaga, such as Joey de Leon.


What did Billy Crawford say as the reason for the breakup of his romance with Nikki Gil? He felt lost. He was not happy. He ought to find himself first. How can he cause happiness to other people if he himself is not happy?

Too many words, but for many showbiz onlookers, these only meant one thing – he fell out of love. Poor girl. But what do we know? This might give Nikki more opportunities to shine in her career, which in the past years, had only gained attention for her involvement with Billy. She is a good character actress and can follow the lead of Angel Aquino.

Oh well, as they say, in life, shit happens. You just have to flush the toilet and move on =)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Public Photos of the Prince of Cambridge

The world rejoiced upon learning about Duchess Kate Middleton's pregnancy and now that she has given birth, everyone wants to take a peek at her and Prince William's royal baby. Here's a look at the Prince of Cambridge, with the proud first-time parents. As to who the baby resembles, Prince William said that it was Duchess Kate and was even quoted saying, "He's got her looks, thankfully."

CTO: (PHOTO via Reuters)

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