Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Magic of the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Tandem Perfectly Showcased in Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo

I watched Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo mid-afternoon on a weekday in a cinema in Bulacan and I was really surprised that the venue was almost full. We were of different ages. There were kids, teenagers, yuppies, professionals and there were also a lot of senior citizens. I was with a friend who only came with me because she knows how fond I am of the film’s female lead, Kim Chiu.

From the beginning, it will captivate you because the film talks to its audience via its wacky narrator who happens to be the author of the book where this was based from, Ramon Bautista. He uses a language that is direct and will really affect those who have experienced the beautiful and ugly sides of falling in love.

Kim is very beautiful in this film and she blooms even more whenever she shares screen time with leading man, Xian Lim. I watched two of Kim’s films on the big screen in the past, Paano na Kaya and Till My Heartaches End, but I must commend that she’s at her prettiest in BHKCNCM. She’s also very natural here, with the way she delivers her lines and convincing the audience that her character, Sandy, is in love with Xian’s character, Alex.

People may be used at Kim with drama because of the typical roles that she gets on TV, but in this film, she has proven that she can be good with comedy as well. Her laughter is contagious and it just seemed so real.

Xian was an eye candy and will get your attention from the moment that his character was introduced. He really was yummy. I can no longer count how many times I uttered “Ang gwapo ni Xian” when I was watching the film until now that I am typing this blog entry. More than his looks though, he was able to deliver a very convincing take on his role. He excels at scenes where he was tasked to play the guitar and sing.

Before I watched the film, I thought that its main selling point would be the genre, as it was marketed as an all out wacky comedy. As the film progresses, you can’t help but be captivated with the powerful chemistry of Kim and Xian. Their love (or their characters’ love) for one another will get through you. It would not be hard to convince people that they really feel what their characters were going through. There were no “pilit” moments. The “kilig” happens every time they were together on screen. They deserve to be given the best screen kiss award for this film.

I am a KimXi fan even before, but my companion was not. This film made her a KimXi fan as well and it feels so good that I now share my craziness about the tandem with my friend. Judging from the audience’ reaction, it seems as if the legions of KimXi fans have broadened after witnessing their magic on screen via BHKCNCM.

The movie was fast-paced. Star Cinema tried to inject the family angle in both Kim and Xian’s characters. While it worked for Xian’s side, it was not that needed for Kim’s character. They could have simply explained her back story without dwelling a lot on her family. Pokwang, who could have helped in providing more laughs with her brand of comedy, played the role of Kim’s mother, was tasked to do solely light drama scenes.

Unlike the Sarah-John Lloyd films where you will also love the supporting players because of the witty lines and great execution, BHKCNCM stood out mainly because of its two leads, no more, no less. They both delivered well and have I already mushed over their chemistry and magic? Haha!

So I went to watch this film as a fan who was more inclined to Kim, with a friend who could not care less about Kim or Xian. I went out as a solid KimXi fan and now a die-hard Xian admirer, with a friend who also became a fan of the team-up and someone who’s now arranging groups to go with us to watch the film again for the love of Xian Lim.

Hopefully, this film will perform well in the tills. I want to see more of Kim and Xian on TV and on the big screen. The team-up will surely remind you that life and love can be sweet and beautiful just by looking at these two.


Anonymous said...

wow, such a good review :) i never was a fan of filipino movies and teleseryes. not until i watched My Binondo Girl during it's middle part pa nga eh. i did not even know who kim chiu was back then. 2 years later and now I'm an addict na. grabe i don't know what's in these 2 that I can be so enthralled. feeling ko parang teenager uli ako, and I can really feel the love and chemistry. looking at these 2 just makes me so happy and tingly inside. i'm really looking forward to the film's showing here at socal. i'm bringing all my family and friends na pinagtatawanan ako sa kahibangan ko ngayon. well i know they'll be converted soon enough just like me :)

Anonymous said...

I am dying to see it because I am an avid kimxi fan. I have to wait for the international screening coz I live in Los Angeles. I have been praying for the success of this movie. I really love kim and xian. I hope they will have more projects together.

Anonymous said...

Don't know them from a bar of soap til mid-January 2013 when I got a DVD of MBG. Fell in love with their chemistry & love Xian's sensivity portrayal of his role and his musicality. Now I'm hooked...! Can't wait to see the film...@@@@

Anonymous said...

l love them both they are matched made in heaven they look good together gorgeous i may say

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I love them so much, they look cute together, it will just bring s,ile on your face :) I hope more projects will come their way because they are at their best together.

Anonymous said...

a really good review and i must commend that all you say tsimoSa was really really true, love na tuloy kita...hehehe

Anonymous said...

hindi ka nag-iisa tsismosa. i think i like u na. hehe! at first i'm only a kim fan since pbb but when saw the chemistry she and xian has, i became a huge fan of the both of them. KIMXI <3

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