Monday, September 2, 2013

Insignificant Local Showbiz Stories Making Headlines

There are certain showbiz stories that will make you look forward to hear more about, but there are those that would make you ask, “Why did it even make it in the news? Does anyone really care?”

Bato-Bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magagalit =)

·         It’s confirmed! Derek Ramsay admitted that yes, Cristine Reyes is already his girlfriend and that he thinks that this time, it’s going to be forever. Aaaw… This relationship is like the Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson admission – no one cares, or okay, maybe a few, but not enough to keep on talking about it. They can keep it to themselves and no one would mind, okay again, maybe a few haha!

Cristine and Maja are already branded as the bad girls in showbizness. Cristine, for warring with her family in public and Maja, for choosing a playboy boyfriend over a serious friendship. Gerald is on his way to being a “has-been” and Derek, I don’t know about him, he is no longer in my showbiz radar, taray haha!

·         Melai Cantiveros, as per the tweets of Ogie Diaz, is pregnant, courtesy of her playboy boyfriend, Jason Francisco. All together now, “Uh-oh!”

·         Claudine Barretto sued her former husband, Raymart Santiago. Gretchen Barretto posted a picture of her with Randy Santiago. Marjorie Barretto was infuriated with allegations that Tony Boy, Gretchen’s partner, is sending her children to school. Gretchen and Marjorie think that Claudine is the basher hiding in many aliases who has been throwing many juicy allegations their way. The mom of these girls… This is a never-ending story, really, and it’s getting boring and repetitious through time.

·         Lovi Poe says that what she and Rocco Nacino have is special friendship. Lovi and who?!

·         Rayver Cruz has a crush on Dina Bonevie, saying that he even bought a magazine that featured a sexy Dina on the cover. Anybody cares about Rayver? He may be a good dancer, good actor, but he does not have the kind of charisma that will make people interested with whatever’s happening to him. Next!

·         Max Collins does not want to follow the footsteps of Megan Young. Who’s asking, anyway? And who is this Max & why did she hire PR writers to write about her? Sayang ang space haha!

These news items may only be fillers as bigger news are set to hit the industry in the coming days or so. Hopefully, the local showbiz industry will again be filled with interesting and worthy stories, which involved interesting and worthy personalities. 

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Molybdenum Studios said...

I do agree that Maja and Cristine are both the bad girls of this err... generation. However, there are still who idolize them just because they never had a sex video scandal while those who have sex scandals in the past gets lambasted by the conservatives. Oh, see? Parang double-standarding lang, eh. It's like idolizing Kris Aquino over Pamela Anderson just because the latter looks "malaswa," but as a matter of fact, kung sino pa ang nasa headlines because of this and that are WORSE than people with a sex scandal video.

That's why I prefer Janelle and Maricar over Maja and Cristine (former two are honest sinners while the latter two will abuse their sinner status to get more attention).

=) Thank You for Visiting tSiSmoSa! (=