Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Unforgettable Sights of the Star Magic Ball 2013

Is it just me, or many stars really opted to be simple on the recently concluded Star Magic Ball 2013? There are only a few who stood out, but those who did really shone that night and gave the viewing public great examples as to why they ought to be called stars.

This is the list of my favorite attendees at the glamorous ball.

Kim Chiu, as always, never failed to prove why she is being looked up to by many fashion enthusiasts. She looked like a princess at the ball, with the equally good looking escort, Xian Lim, who made Kim glowing and even more beautiful.

Another belle who carried her ball gown with such confidence, glam and style is Julia Barretto. Her overall style, from the hair, make-up and gown, is quite fitting for her age.

Ella Cruz looked sweet and very cute at the ball.

Janella Salvador or Ma'am Nicki to those who watch TV-series, Be Careful with My Heart, looked like a sweetheart that night.

This may not be a stand-out gown, but Nikki Gil's attitude made it all up for whatever's lacking in her ensemble. When asked to describe her style by a staff of The Buzz, she happily said that this is her "moving-on" look.

Ms. Dawn Zulueta has already mastered the art of elegance.

It is not so much about Rica Peralejo's gown, but she looked very happy and pretty, and still sexy even though she's pregnant.

For the men, I'd be biased because after watching "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?", I no longer find any male local celebs who can match the appeal of Xian Lim.

And I am quite sure that many girls, including this blogger, were quite envy of Kim Chiu with the very sweet gesture of how Xian invited Kim to be his date for the ball, as Kim gave us a peek how on her Instagram account.

This is my favorite KimXi picture at the ball. They really deserve the Fabulous Pair award.

There were also certain celebrities who were unforgettable for other reasons.

Maricar Reyes had managed to look quite appealing and classy in the past Star Magic formal events, but she opted for a simpler overall this time. Although she still looked pretty, her chosen style made her look like she would only go and dine out with someone and not attend a glamorous occasion like this one.

Kean Cipriano in a messy overall.

Ansaveh ni Kiray?! Tarush! Very Doña Guada in the body of an 8-yr-old kid.

Photo credits to: Instagram - chinitaprincess, xianlimm; & PEX

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