Saturday, April 4, 2009

All My Most Hated TV Actors in One Kapamilya Show

Wow, ABS CBN really impressed me this time. I saw the write-ups at the very controversial PEP of the upcoming show about the pocketbook stories turned into TV series. I just can't believe that they have included all the stars that I hate seeing on TV in that show. This doesn't include Roxanne Guinoo, by the way, because she seems nice. I think that her showbiz career is being slowed down by her craziness when it comes to love.

The other casts of the show include ABS CBN's pet, Jake Cuenca. More actors deserve the kind of roles this one is getting. And the network is keeping him uber busy these days, with Tayong Dalawa, movie and this soon to be shown flop series. And the greater news is that Jake will be paired with Cristine Reyes. Again, there are many original Kapamilya stars who deserve the roles that she has been getting. This girl feels that she is already a big star. There was a time when she made an act ala-Heart Evangelista, by not accepting a role for an afternoon series because she wants her show to be on primetime. Who watched Eva Fonda? Raise your hands. Okay, one, two…

Valerie Concepcion, who likes this girl? Raise your hands. One… No more? Enough said.

And drum roll, Mariel Rodriguez. Well, at least this girl is no longer acting as if we are not aware that she is a bitch. She entered the PBB house as a sweet and bubbly girl. And she came out as herself, someone who hates the masses, loves to curse and loves talking about people behind their backs. I am beginning to like her actually because she is no longer pretending. She is naughty and sometimes bad, but she is no longer acting as if she's sweet.

So who is excited about this show? Raise your hands. Pssst (T2 mode). This is another suicidal move for ABS CBN. It would have been better if they casted the original PBB Season 1 housemates. This could be a reunion project and sort of thawing phase for their frozen careers.

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