Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Refuse to Watch Tayong Dalawa

I am no longer watching Tayong Dalawa, sigh. I used to be an avid fan. The story was good, especially whenever Kim Chiu or Gerald Anderson is on screen. But now as the show progresses and it seems like the executives want to highlight Jake Cuenca as its main lead, I refuse to watch it.

I can't really take the sight of this former Kapuso star on screen. It was tolerable at first because the advertisements promised that this would be a Kim-Gerald-Jake soap. Right now, Gerald's character appears to be Jake's support. Kim's character was so stagnant, it is already irritating.

It will be better if Kim and Gerald will be taken out of this soap. Let's see how Jake would turn this to another flop like "Palos." The story is getting bigger and complicated, for Jake and some of the older casts. But Gerald and Kim are not being given what they rightly deserve. There are even days when they would be on screen for some minutes or even seconds, and the rest of the show would be dominated by Jake's over acting.

I think that the team-up of Gerald and Kim should not be treated as if Jake is a bigger star than these two. The publicists of Jake, the tandem of the equally hated tabloid columnists, Cristy Fermin and Alfie Lorenzo, are doing everything to ruin Gerald and Kim while pouring undeserved praises for their boy toy, Jake.

The second reason why I can no longer watch the show is because it is being pre-empted by the show of another former Kapuso actress that I hate seeing on screen, Angel Locsin. For the remake of Only You, ABS CBN management gave the show big budget and they even shot on location in Korea. Now that really makes me feel sad about the fate of Kim and Gerald's My Girl. The show was not as grand as Angel's Only You. But Kim got the attention of the public for being versatile and for being good in any genre given to her. Try to watch Angel's acting. She could be paired with Jake and the show should bear the title, "Over Acting Galore."

The management of ABS CBN should not blame the fans of Kim and Gerald for reacting violently about the news of a possible team-up of Gerald with Sarah Geronimo. They have not given the fans what they want to see from their favorite loveteam yet, a quality show where the two will be the leads and a quality movie far from the crappy launching material given to them.

And if ABS CBN really value their viewers, they will prioritize stars who started with them, whom most Kapamilya viewers would love to see often both on films and TV. If they will insist on bombarding the boob-tube with Jake Cuenca's irritating acting or Angel Locsin's trying hard acting(?), they will continuously lose their loyal viewers. It is not bad to be number 2. But when their morning show like Ruffa and Ai keeps being beaten by TV5's Bratz' reruns, it begins to feel shameful, ain't it?

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