Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Wasted Save on American Idol Top 7 Elimination Round

The judges used the Save on this season's American Idol for Matt Giraud who will likely be eliminated next week together with Lil Rounds. I don't know what's up with the judges. Maybe they just want the remaining contestants to feel the pressure so that they would perform their best and stop giving us, the viewers, mediocrity.

This is how I want the next episodes to be. Matt and Lil are going to be booted out next week. The next one will be Anoop Desai. No matter how he tries, it will be hard to gain the kind of popularity he once enjoyed because he let his true colors show too early. As a star, you should not only be mindful of how you perform in public. You should also be seen as someone with good character, especially when people are still judging if they want you to be a star or not.

After Anoop, it's time to bid Danny Gokey's sad stories goodbye. He is charismatic and he seems nice. But compared to the remaining three, he appears to be amateurish while the three are on their way to sounding like professionals.

Allison will be the next to go after Danny. But this girl will be given opportunities even if she won't be able to bag the big prize.

In the end, it will be Adam versus Kris. Adam will scream and screech, change his looks and even come out in the open about his sexuality. Kris is simply going to be Kris, like he had always been from the start and he will eventually win the competition.

This is how I want things to happen for this season's Idol. But as for now, I still have to endure one more week with Matt and Lil. After they are gone, the show will be more exciting to watch. And I might have a change of heart of who goes first before Kris will be announced as the American Idol Season 8 champ.

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