Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scott is Out of the American Idol 8 Ballgame

Before the next performance night begins, here was the result of last week's elimination round. The good news is that we no longer have to be tortured with Scott MacIntyre's non-singing prowess. He might be good in playing the piano, but quit trying too hard with the electric guitar, and his voice is bordering to that of William Hung. But of course, he is an inspiration for how he stood tough throughout his life despite his condition. But the stage apt for professional singers is not for him. Maybe he is not the kind of blind person that hides behind dark eyeglasses like Stevie Wonder. But he is no Stevie Wonder and I don't think that he can ever be.

As for Adam Lambert's performance that made Simon Cowell stood up and applaud for what he had done, I think that people were more amazed at how Cowell reacted than on Lambert's show. Well, it was good. It was the best performance of the night. The start was good. There was the heart, the artistry, the drama on the whole getup. But admit it, he almost choked on the latter part. During the recap of how everybody did that night, Adam's part which was supposed to cap it all off was cut and was made too short because it ruined the overall appeal of his performance.

The way I see it, Simon gave the standing ovation because they could no longer give their comments due to lack of time. But still, Adam remains to be a very strong contender because he is becoming better and better. But I'm still rooting for Kris Allen. As for this week, I want Lil Rounds to be booted out.

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