Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kris Allen for the Win and the Other Performances on American Idol Top 7

I'm listening now at the performances of the remaining 7 on the American Idol season 8 at Rickey's, of course. Allison, Anoop and Adam were okay. At this point of the competition, we ought to be amazed by their performances like how Adam did last week. But this feels strange, their performances aren't still giving out the star quality. They are still not able to convince us that their albums will be worth investing on or that we should pay to see them on a concert stage.

Matt Giraud had a "Beat It" moment. That was the worst song that Anoop will be remembered for. And Matt's Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman can cause him to lose the battle altogether. Well, I still haven't heard Lil Rounds.

Sorry Danny Gokey, you may have a good voice but I can't stand listening to the song that you chose. I am amazed though that someone still sings Diana Ross' Endless Love these days.

I am not familiar with the song Kris Allen chose. But wow, he gives me the chills. His performance could be included in a movie's OST and people will buy it. He definitely is the next Idol. I am dreading the next mp3 that I'd listen to. But well, for the heck of it, I want to know if Lil Rounds got to redeem herself this time. Um, I dozed off with the flats and was awaken when she tried to raise the very last note. Okay Matt, I think you are saved. Lil deserves to go home more than you do.

Hmm, my bets for the bottom 3 are Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai. I also love Anoop but I don't want to see Allison in that position. Lil will be booted out and Simon wouldn't want to give her a chance to impress them because there is no chance that the judges will save Lil.

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