Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Happens When Danny Gokey Tries to Scream like Adam Lambert?

I have seen the Top 4 Performance Night of the American Idol Season 8. But I was half asleep the whole time. I knew that Kris Allen would not shine on this one. The theme, which is Rock N Roll, is simply not his forte. And his performance gave out that he knew it as well. It was very obvious by the way he carried himself that night . He looks uncomfortable and he wasn't giving his best.

I lost all the zzz's after hearing Danny Gokey's last note on his song. It was like he was telling himself that he can belt like Adam Lambert and so he did. And the rest would forever erase his sob backstory on our minds and replace it with such hilarious moment. The judges were right, this deserves a Grade A for effort. If he hasn't been topping the iTunes download for his recorded songs, this song, specifically the last note, will surely be a favorite cellphone ringtone even for non-Gokey fans like me.

I hope that this won't be the end of the line for Kris. I can't watch tomorrow's live broadcast. I have a very bad feeling about Kris' fate and I really hope that I'm wrong.

Kris Allen for the win!

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