Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Sick of All the Katrina-Hayden Hullabaloo

Before this blog could be mistaken as an official Kris Allen fansite, I ought to write about another topic even if I am still at a point where I can't believe that this season's Idol was through and that my bet actually won.

Filipinos are surely fed up by two people who are dominating local news, Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho. Now that most local politicians are also riding into the bandwagon, the situation has gone up to be a complete circus. For me, this issue should not have been treated as big as it seems to be because there are more problems in this country than a boldstar who was caught in the act by a sick pervert.

Okay, given the fact that other names, more respectable than Katrina's have been dragged in the issue, this could be settled on court and let Hayden suffer for his sickness and Katrina for her involvement in drugs, if ever that will be proven to be true.

It gives me chills whenever people say that Katrina is doing this to defend other women who have been into similar situations. She's like a representative of those who cannot speak for themselves and others say she is the new spokesperson for all women in general. I am a woman, but I refuse to be represented by someone like her. In the first place, it was her fault why she has been caught into this kind of dilemma. It is already bad that she was taped during an intimate scene, but to come out in public to get our sentiments, for me, was completely off.

Kudos to the other girl who is keeping her silence regarding the issue. She refuses to be seen in a media circus, complete with all the clowns at the Philippine Senate.

This is their problem, so spare the whole country from all the drama. And please, let us not vote for all the politicians who keep on involving themselves into this when there are still many unresolved and bigger issues that the country faces than this overblown issue.

I caught the evening news wherein the man, I think he is an ex-police official, Abner Afuang, who threw water on Hayden while the hearing at the senate was ongoing, was being interviewed. He said that he did that because he has seen the video and he is disgusted by how Hayden treated those girls that he had an affair with. So you have seen the videos, eh? You should also be disgusted of yourself then. Those videos will cease to exist as long as there are people like this ex-police official who are watching them. So shame on you.


Anonymous said...

Tama ka.

first and foremost, i condemn hayden kho's non-consensual filming of the sex act. i do not agree with what he did. BUT, i am not in favor of the persecution that the self-righteous people of the senate are doing just so they could dip their filthy hands into this sensationalized chaos. Really, bong revilla? merong ka bang maayos na konsepto ng moralidad?

and this is for the victim. i am with katrina halili in that kho's filming was downright offensive. pero sa inirereklamo nyang pambabababoy sa kanya. para namang hindi ka nagpose na halos hubo't hubad sa mga kalendaryo. i only have these words, 'ikaw ang unang bumaboy sa sarili mo'

tSisMoSa! said...

yes musta naman yun di pa matapos-tapos ang kwento nila! ikulong na nga lahat yan para tapos na ang kwento hehe! o baka naman makagawa pa si hayden ng video sa munti hmmmmm....

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