Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kris Allen is One Step Away to Winning the Idol Fame

As Simon Cowell said, it's going to be a ding dong night for next week's 2-part finale on American Idol Season 8 (whatever that means). Kris Allen deserves the spot more than Danny Gokey and as much as Adam Lambert. I think that people stopped voting for Danny after hearing his very infamous scream (and he'll always be remembered for it).

Kris and Adam are already headed for fame. With the right songs, these two can go on different paths on their career, Kris on a more mellow and pop tunes, and Adam on a theatrical rock (whoa!) type.

They are both deserving to win the title, but I still believe that it should be KRIS ALLEN FOR THE WIN =)

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pnay said...

NICE NICE.... it will all depend on the song choices now!! Kris' heartless made him where he is right now!

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