Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zorayda Sanchez Passes Away

Her claim to fame was her ugliness, thanks to the Andrew E. '90s hit song, Humanap ka ng Panget. Zorayda Sanchez became a household name for her own brand of comedy. She used her distinct features to earn from the cruel world of showbizness. She was always the subject of slapstick brand of jokes by her fellow actors. And she did not complain. But when she had enough, she silently exited the limelight to use her brains as a writer, university professor and a stage actress.

We seldom see her on showbiz gatherings the past years. This is why I was so stunned upon hearing about her death August 27 due to breast cancer. She was 57.

To the one person who opened the doors of local showbizness to people without the perfect face and body to match that, may you rest in peace. And condolences to the family.

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