Friday, August 22, 2008

The New and Upcoming Hollywood Babies

Digital printing must be so in demand in Hollywood these days because of the fact that everybody seems to be having a baby! Wee! What is with the season that people seems to be inspired in creating their masterpieces as well as letting them out?

Who are these new and soon to be famous moms and dads? For sure, the paparazzi are all gearing up to get the first shots of the equally famous tots.

Baby Number 1: Parker Foster Aiken was born August 8. This baby boy resulted from the process of an artificial insemination. The dad, of course, is former “American Idol” runner-up, Clay Aiken. The mom is Jaymes Foster, Clay’s friend, record producer and now his baby producer as well.

Baby Number 2: Another product of science, twin boys of Ricky Martin. The man, of course, is known for his butt, er, his hits like “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and “She Bangs” (well, until William Hung stole the scene). It was said that the twins were delivered through gestational surrogacy this August. No further announcements have been made. So the gossip-landia still isn’t satisfied until it finds out who the surrogate mother is. Now that Ricky is a real papa, he plans to take his career aside for the moment and focus on raising his twins. Aww!

Baby Number 3: Gia Zavala Damon was born August 21. Her proud parents are “Good Will Hunting” lead, Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana. This is their second child. The eldest, Isabella, is now two. And they are also raising Luciana’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Baby Number 4: Zuma Nesta Rock was born afternoon of Aug 22. His famous parents are Gwen Steffani and Gavin Rossdale. This is their second baby together, the eldest being another son, Kingston. And Rossdale has a daughter who is already a teenager with Pearl Love, a fashion designer.

Baby Number 5: Another twins in the making. “Ugly Betty” star, Rebecca Romjin is five months pregnant with twins. The soon to be famous dad is Jerry O’Connell. The twins are yet unnamed but the couple are in deep thoughts as to what they will name them. The choices include Mary-Kate and Ashley and whatever as long as the monikers will be rhyming.

Baby Number 6: She has announced it, but Jennifer Garner remains mum about when will be the due date for baby number two. Jen and Ben Affleck’s first child, Violet, is among the most photographed children in Hollywood these days. For sure, this tot will gain more media frenzy.

Baby Number 7: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have already tied the knot. Now they are thinking about their future but well, still undecided whether to have babies sooner or later. The fact is that the couple is constantly talking about it. As to how they will do it, let us give them the free will to decide on their own.

The entertainment scene looks much better with news like these, eh? There were phases in the showbiz world when all you can read about are deaths, accidents and well, Britney Spears.

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