Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Far China is Willing to Go to Achieve Perfection?

Now it is proven that China will do anything for people to deem the country as perfect. But this image really gives me creeps, especially whenever I hear about what will it do just to prove the point or create that image. This all seems like coming from the scenes of a sci-fi movie.

Forget about canvas prints as the real show is unfolding every day. This Olympics at Beijing, China has too many dramas, I can only imagine what will happen next. It all started with the fireworks. It was magnificent. It was dramatic to watch. It was perfect. But not everything you see was real. Instructions were given to broadcast mediums that were going to telecast the event as to the special effect that should be incorporated while the real event was happening. So what we saw was actually just an illusion that China wanted us to view so that we will praise the country and drool over the kind of perfection that they can do.

I've read over another blogsite about Yao Ming's dilemma. If you will look at him play, limping and looking as if he is always in pain, you will wonder how come he is still playing when he could be better off in a hospital ward. That is because Ming owes China a lot. The country made him what he is now. And this is the price that he has to pay for such situation.

And then there are the gymnasts. After winning the Gold in the event, people started to wonder if Chinese girls are really blessed to look so very young than what their real age are or if these girls are really younger than what they were supposed to be? Is this part of the perfect image that China is trying to achieve? But what will happen if the investigations go deep and these girls were found to be fraud? Whose future are they putting on great shambles?

What captures the heart of people all over the globe is the situation of the real singer and the one who was made to lip synch the part. An official judged that the real voice who sang "Ode to Motherland" was not cute enough, or did not fit to the image of perfection that the country is trying to convey. So Yang Peiyi remained to be hidden behind the perfection of Lin Miaoke's cuteness. The idea here was to combine the perfect voice and the perfect face. But these are only children who have a lot ahead of them. And with the situation they were put into, both girls won't easily escape the wrath of the idea in years to come.

Nobody's perfect. The way China is handling the Olympics, the behind the scenes are upstaging the sporting events. How many medals do Michael Phelps has now? I don't know. But as the drama continues and unfolds before us, the Olympics might end with our views of China being completely the opposite of perfect.

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