Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Latest Pieces about the Whole Puzzle of the Eraserheads' Reunion Concert

All ye Eraserheads fans out there, good news and bad news. Well, the good news is that their very controversial reunion concert will push through. It is going to happen on Aug. 30 at the Fort Bonifacio open field, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It will no longer be sponsored by Marlboro. So to those like me, non-smokers, who were forced to choose what brand of cigarette we smoke, just so we could register to the very mysterious event, we just have to settle for the bad news.

The concert is no longer free. Further details as to how you will be able to avail tickets is going to be announced in the coming days. For the blow-by-blow account as to what lead to what, where and when, check out this site.

And this is the e-mail that Raimund Marasigan sent to the Sandwich's yahoogroup mailing list about this whole brouhaha:


From: raymund marasigan
date: Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 8:37 PM
subject: [subsandwich] eraserheads aug 30 08 confirmed

dear everybodyafter much ado. the eraserheads concert is most definitely pushing through.philip morris and its brands have pulled out from the concert. but another company is taking over the production.

the turn over startedyesterday and they have already started work on the site in the fort. so you can check.there are good news and bad news.unfortunately it's no longer free. all the long winded registration procedures in the red nation site is now void.the good news is that the age limit is now 12 years old (for safety reasons) and tickets will be sold so you don't have to wait for confirmation and what not.

the official announcement and ticketing details will come out in major newspapers and on the radio on tuesday.these are the only details i know for now so no need to email me. i'm just the drummer.btw. i just got home from the last rehearsal. the band is cooking. we will see you all on the 30th.



So to the real E'heads fans who have been waiting for this to happen, don't miss out this chance.

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