Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leave Jennifer Alone!

Jennifer Aniston’s love life is as sticky as an adhesive vinyl, eh? I mean this Friends’ star remains to be in the hot public eye long after the phenomenal sitcom stopped airing. Cameras were there to capture her bonding moments with Courtney Cox Arquette’s family. More cameras appeared when she was making sweet music together with John Meyer. And now many people are speculating about her romantic involvement with model Matt Felker.

As the famous blogger turned TV personality and a Britney advocate, Chris Crocker, said, “Leave Britney alone.” Of course, in this case it would be more apt to say, “Leave Jennifer alone.” But these two have something in common. People can’t seem to get enough of the latest happening about them.

For Jennifer, this all started since she got entangled then disentangled with Brad Pitt. As people remain to be curious about how Brad and Angelina are doing, they want to hear something juicy about Jen as well so that they can start comparing her to the female half of the Brangelina tandem. But they are worlds apart. Angelina knows how to play her cards right in her career as well as in her personal life.

As for Jennifer, she always seems to be testing the water. People are speculating that this happened only after Brad Pitt. She married him, for one. But if the rumors are true, Jen wasn’t ready yet to become a mom whether to her own or to adopted kids, much more so those that come from different nations.

But whatever Jen chooses to do or chooses not to, she’s lucky because she’s cute. What a statement. But it’s true. People will still be curious about her even if she prefers to remain single or hook up with someone who looks so far from Brad. The important thing is that she’s still a star. She’s making movies and TV appearances and people are still interested about her.

And to segue to Chris Crocker fave celeb, Britney has the same fate. No matter what she did, people will forgive her because she is still a star. But people will not always be so forgiving. So she should straighten up before it is already too late. She must get back to shape and get back to what she is known for, singing and producing hits.

I no longer care about Britney’s love life. Actually, for me, she shouldn’t have one for as long as she still hasn’t settled her sons’ future. She must work hard for their sake. And she must make sure that the money from her hard work will go to her son and not to Kevin Federline.

Okay, this blog was supposed to be about Jennifer. As of this writing, Felker’s publicist denied that the two are dating. But whatever will make Jen, happy, she must do it. She deserves to be happy, just like Angelina and oh well, to end this piece, just like Britney as well.

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