Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Promising Season 8 for the American Idol

If not for a client that made me write stuffs about American Idol Season 8, I wouldn't really be interested to follow the show. I am a big fan of the show since it started. I already have too many past-Idol favorites that I no longer want to add any more names on the list.

I love Carrie Underwood, pre and post Idol. She is one gem that will last in the industry if she continues to handle herself well. Bo Bice is unique and has a big talent. But he has to create good music that will have global appeal in order to advance with his seemingly quiet career. The list won't be complete without the recent two Davids, Archuleta and Cook, who both have won people's hearts around the globe.

This season already showed lots of drama. That is only expected with the emergence of Tatiana del Toro, the Saving All My Love for You diva. During the auditions, one woman came up in a bikini. She may have not gotten the judges' approval, but for sure, offers from men's magazines are lining up her door.

Out of the Top 36, one was immediately disqualified before the contestants were formally presented. Joanna Pacitti was replaced by Felicia Barton for the spot on the Top 36. Pacitti had a long list of achievement in terms of her professional music career. She was even able to release an album under Geffen Records. And aside from that, she was said to be once involved with someone who is an executive at 19 Entertainment, which was founded by Simon Fuller, the creator of the original Idol.

And so three rounds of eliminations were made and people had chosen their picks for what we all thought would be the Top 12. The first three who made it were Danny Gokey, Jeremy Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace. Of these three, Gokey had the saddest back story because his wife died seven months before he went into the Idol auditions. But regardless of such tragic detail, he seems to have the strongest potential among the three.

The second round paved the way for Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen to be part of the Top 12. Allison is also a strong candidate in this group. She is only 16, but she sang Alone with such heart and soul. But among the three, I am placing my bet on Kris Allen. I loved how he sang Man in the Mirror. I am looking forward to his next performances.

There were so many good performances on the third round. It was really hard to choose who would be part of the Top 12. All three who were selected deserved the spot. They were Lil Rounds, Scott McIntyre and Jorge Nunez.

After the top 9 spots were filled, it was the judges' time to choose the people whom they like to see on a Wildcard Round. It was an emotional night, because Tatiana was on it who belted her third rendition of Saving All My Love for You for this season's Idol. After it was announced that Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkery and Matt Giraud will continue with their Idol quest, Simon shocked everyone by saying that they have decided to make it a Top 13 this season. And the 13th placer is Anoop Desai, my new favorite. Now I am torn between him and Kris.

Now that I know them all, I have got to continue with my addiction. And I can't help but wait along with the many spectators of the American Idol all around the world if it's going to be Kris or Anoop who is going to bag the grand prize this season. Haha! Seriously though, whoever wins the top spot eventually will surely be remarkable because the group is composed of talented and notable peeps. The people behind the show may have learned a lot from the batches where Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks came from. And now they are all set to create stars and not add to the mediocrity that the recording industry is already filled with.

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