Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol 8 Says Goodbye to Alexis Grace

It was okay with me that Alexis Grace got booted out from American Idol. I thought she had something. But I didn't see that since the real competition began. But Allison Iraheta being part of the bottom 3? C'mon, she's better than Lambert! And Mr. Goodie Looking Guy, Michael Sarver, got saved. And he had the same sentiments like I do after he learned he was safe. Sarver said, "I'm gonna cry like a frickin' baby."


HeL said...
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HeL said...

everybody that i know loved alexis grace! wth! the only thing that hurt her was when she sang jolene, and boy did she sing that song right for the last time! she should have sang the song like that to begin with!! unfortunately the judges can only save ONE person, and it all comes down to spending that move much too early on in the show when it can only be done once! i beleive the only time they would even consider saving one contestant, (which they can only do once) is when it is down to the last three. alexis grace leaving am idol was america's heartache! i love her! and so did everyone else. she is far more deserving to be in the show than sarver. im sorry but i beleive im speaking for alot of people for this opinion.

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