Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Fear for Anoop after the First Idol Top 13 Performance

Aw! I was only able to watch today's Top 13 Idol performance on Rickey's after the live feed.

I first clicked on Kris Allen's performance. He sang Remember the Time. I hope to forget his performance today. At this stage of the competition, you must focus more on singing than on pleasing the crowd, just so to make sure that you'll hit all the notes right. The use of guitar that served only as props didn't work either. But I am still hoping that you will be given the chance to show to the world that you can do better than that.

Anoop Desai sang Beat It. There, he sang that and let's forget about it. Gosh, what's happening with my two bets? They seemed to have gotten up at the wrong side of their beds. Or did they even get enough sleep at all? I am still not changing my bets, but I am really disappointed with them, hmp!

Danny Gokey sang PYT - Pretty Young Thing. He was so into it, I almost dropped Anoop from my faves and replace him with Danny. But really, it was a good performance.

Allison Iraheta chose Give In to Me. And she nailed it. It fits her voice as well as her personality. It sounded good, despite the too many HHH I heard on that performance. Hokay, Hh-I tHHHink tHHHat she'll make it through this round. She had her audience entertained.

Matt Giraud had a good choice of song. Human Nature fits his voice. It was okay. But I was bored. I don't know why. He lacks the X-factor to make it big. Let's see if his next performances, if ever he doesn't get eliminated, will prove me wrong.

Megan Joy Corkrey's performance of Rockin Robin was fun to watch because it looked like she was also having fun. But her usual pose and dance moves are starting to annoy me. It was a good decision that she finally held the mic and tried to move around the stage. She might as well resort to immediate choreography tips while she's still on the game.

Adam Lambert sang Black or White. He sounded like a pro. He actually sounded like the frontman of Aerosmith. There's no hint of nervousness. But I don't like him. Next!

Scott MacIntyre chose Keep the Faith. He has a nice voice. But the song is not a competition material. I got bored. And even Scott looked bored with what he was doing. Goodluck to him. I think he needs a lot of luck with such crappy performance.

I think that everybody knew that Alexis Grace could do what she had done with Dirty Diana. It was okay, but very predictable.

If only the competition is about who do you think looks the kindest among the bunch, Michael Sarver would win. I am not yet ready to hear anyone sing You Are Not Alone, but Jacko. It was boring. He needs to start working hard to remind people why is he part of the Top 13.

Lil Rounds did The Way You Make Me Feel. Why am I suddenly reminded of Fantasia? She's good but the performance is safe.

Jorge Nunez sang Never Can Say Goodbye and Jasmine Murray opted for I'll Be There. I don't think Jasmine is ready for this type of competition. Jorge is, but failed to impress even himself with his performance.

I don't want to guess who will be part of the bottom 3. I fear that Anoop would be included, aw!

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