Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adam Lambert's New Look on the Idol's Top 10 Performance Night

It was a Motown Night for the Idol's Top 10 performance. OMG, who is that new Idol? Whhhat? You mean, this is actually Adam Lambert? Where did they hide him all along? This guy is set out to create some buzz. Oh boy, now I want to check out his video first before I dig into Kris Allen's. I am watching this as usual at Rickey's. Let's see how Mr. Twilight turned Taylor Hicks look-alike fared.
Adam Lambert chose Tracks of My Tears. The performance was okay, some people may even find something special in it, especially when Adam took pains at changing his look to stage this. But I am really not a fan. I don't like his voice. I cannot feel the kind of emotions that hooked me to Kris Allen.

Kris Allen chose the song How Sweet It Is. That was good. I think that this is enough to make him part of the finals.

On to Anoop Desai with Oooo Baby Baby. He has a good voice. This is the first time that I heard the song and I almost fell asleep. I'm still an Anoop fan. But sorry, I can't finish the song. It might take me to dreamland.

My next favorite, Alison Iraheta, sang Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Yey, as usual, she rocks. That was a good choice of song that highlighted once again her potential to be a rock star.

Danny Gokey has chosen the song Get Ready. The song doesn't fit his style that is why he sounded like he was only trying to finish and get it all done.

Megan Joy Corkrey sang For Once in My Life. The song was good, but why did she sing it the way she did? It was so hard to listen to it. Is she still sick? She sounds like it.

Matt Giraud sang Let's Get It On. He sounded good and he has already proven that he can do justice with just about any type of song. But still for me, he is lacking the X-factor that will make me want to buy his albums or check him out on paid concerts.

The piano, oh yeah, there was a man behind it, Scott McIntyre sang You Can't Hurry Love. It was a confused performance. The man doesn't know whether he wants to make it sound like a love song or a dance tune. As a result, it sounded like a dance tune that was too slow. It was boring. Next!

Michael Sarver sang Ain't Too Proud to Beg. I am not really expecting much from this performance. I bet that Sarver would be part of the bottom 3 for the rest of the season as long as he remains in the competition. He doesn't sound like a pro and it might be hard to teach him how to do so.

Lil Rounds chose the song Heatwave. Ouch, it is so hard to listen to with headphones on. This performance can really damage one's hearing. Bottom 3!

Aside from Lil Rounds, the two other spots for the bottom 3 based on performance belong to Scott McIntyre and a tough choice between Michael Sarver and Megan Joy.
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