Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy Hailed Its Champ, the Network's Soon to Be Frozen Delight!

...Forgive me for the title. I just don't really like the winner.

Last Saturday, we were treated to the grand performance of the top six scholars of the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. The other ousted scholars also joined in the fun by having a production number.

This was how I felt that night. For the unlucky ones who weren't able to join the top 6, Chivas stood out. He could have been the one if he didn't get sick that caused him to voluntarily exit. Yeng Constantino, being the champ of the previous season, will be hard to replace. But this guy could have easily done that. Like Yeng, Chivas is cool but when he sings, he rocks. And besides, he seems to be a sweet partner to Bunny and a good father to their son. He can be packaged as the dad that rocks, hehe! But with the limited exposure he had on the show, I don't think that it is possible to achieve now.

For the top 6, this is how I felt about them and about how they performed. Chris is pretty and has improved a lot, but she doesn't have the x-factor to make it big in the industry. Van is cute but he really looked gay with his makeup, especially in the eye area. I don't know, I just feel that he'll easily be forgotten as well. Miguel is boring, period. Bugoy sounds good, but it will be hard to sell someone like him. Or maybe I am not just used to the idea. I don't like Laarni from the start, so I switched channels when she sang. Liezel was always amazing and she stood out that night. She sang like she was telling us that "I deserve the title and I am bound to be a star."

So you can just imagine how I felt come Sunday night when Liezel was announced as top 4. And what's worse? Laarni was announced as the winner. She couldn't believe it. And so do I! I don't know where her votes came from. I even jested my sister that maybe, GMA 7 has something to do with this. They voted for Laarni to make sure that the PDA champ is not going to be popular, just like the winner of Philippine Idol, whom until now, I don't have any idea what he/she looks and sounds like.

My hunch is that Laarni is going to be the next frozen delight of ABS-CBN. At least, she has the million and the house and the car and the business. She doesn't need the fame, especially if somebody else deserves that more than she does.

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