Friday, September 19, 2008

My Only Hope - Soon on ABS-CBN

Now, now, this seems to be exciting. I am already looking forward to this new Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson starrer. What makes this exciting is the fact that this has an original story. This is not a 'nakakasawa' tele-fantasy like Diosa. This is not another remake of a canned show from other countries like Betty la Fea. And this is not a rehash of old Phillipine soap operas like Iisa Pa Lamang. I am reserving any comments for Kahit Isang Saglit because I still haven't caught a glimpse of it.

My Girl was good. In fact, the directors and writers made the show fit into each cast member. But it also alienated many of the Kimerald fans, my 3-year-old niece included. First, the show had too many kissing scenes. I guess that ABS-CBN really wants their young stars to grow up fast. This was okay for matured fans like me. But the Kimerald has a following of people ranging from newborns and up. And second, the network decided to place it on a very late timeslot. This could have been a better hit if it was given the former timeslot of Sana Maulit Muli.

Why not place My Only Hope on Primetime and re-run My Girl on Sundays after ASAP? That would be ideal. But that will remain a suggestion because My Only Hope will start on October 5, Sunday, after ASAP.

Here's the trailer of My Only Hope. Credits to jamatias18 on YouTube.


timeenutlatte said...

Woi Mau..I shall definitely follow this show..a certain Regine Angeles is my reason. Hehehe.
What up? I linked you up, btw. (--,)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i like to watch my only hope because i am a kimerald fans. And i like the way the story goes. I like the matured character of them especially kimerald.

Yeng-Yeng said...

Hi guys! Thanks for posting =) Anyway, the story of My Only Hope is really promising. And kudos to Kim and Gerald for their good acting. Mukhang nauuso ang 'emo' dahil sa show. Let's all keep on watching and enjoy =)

=) Thank You for Visiting tSiSmoSa! (=