Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Sen. Tito Sotto Ought to Learn about Humility

I was not interested at first with this story, but these words caught my attention...

"Ba't ko naman iko-quote yung blogger? Blogger lang yun."

It would not matter that much if these were said by a bystander or a high profile person who speaks the truth. But these strong words were said by a Philippine senator, Tito Sotto. To put it in context, he said that it was not the blogger whom he was quoting, but the expert to whom the blogger had gotten her insights about the post. 

You can read more about the comparison between the senator's speech and the blogger's entry here - Blogger claims Senator Tito Sotto copied parts of his anti-RH Bill speech from U.S.-based blog.

Even a grade-schooler would know that although one or two words were changed, in effect, it was still the blogger's post that the senator had quoted or else he could have used his own words in trying to educate the masses about the essence of the expert's, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, work. What he did was incorporate his own experiences in relation to the words that he had lifted from the blogger whose name is Sarah Pope.

It would have been okay if the senator had accepted his mistake of forgetting to give credit where it is due, after the story has been told, but nope, he remained arrogant and stood by his crooked reasoning. To make matters worse, this was posted by his staff, only to ignite more fuel to the fire. This has proven another thing - the chief of staff is more arrogant than the boss.

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This is, in essence, the point of it all, from the blogger who was quite surprised to get entangled in such huff. 

"A thief is a thief."

You can read more about her post in response to the senator's denial at this site - On Plagiarism, The Pill, and Presumptuousness

Now that the issue is getting into the nerves of more people, even those who are not much interested with the RH Bill or The Pill, but more on people's feelings and the importance of originality, there are some who keep on digging more faults into the the now infamous speech.

The latest about this is quite unbelievable if proven true. This should put a halt to the senator and his staff's arrogance. They must all learn to be humble, accept mistakes and apologize. More about the latest on this issue here - Did Sen. Sotto copy from 5 bloggers?

For the senator, please be careful with your words. Of all people who would belittle a blogger by saying "Blogger lang yun," I was not expecting that it would come from someone who had gotten similar insults in the past for being, "Artista lang yun." 

I smell that someone would lose a job to save the face of his boss. The senator's camp must now look into less popular blogs that talk about humility and apology so that they can come up with a good response to put an end at this issue, but never admit that they only copied people's words because they are merely bloggers. For us, the masses, we should really be careful the next time we will make our vote. There may be some celebrities who have big brains and heart, but there are also some, like in this sample, who deserve to be taunted, Artista lang yan.

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