Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kris Aquino VS Sarah Geronimo

Will this tweet lead to a bigger issue between Ms. Kris Aquino and Sarah Geronimo?

This all started with the persistent requests of the fans of Sarah for Kris to guest her on the show, Kris TV. For the longest time, the staff of the show has been trying to ask Viva, Sarah's handler, to give them a chance to be able to give in to the fans' requests. It did not happen even at the height of the promo of Sarah's concert last July, and it seems to be getting bleaker now that the pop princess is still being hounded by the sudden decision of Gerald Anderson to stop courting her.

We all know Kris to be frank and candid with the way she throws questions to her guests. She's unstoppable  and most people actually love her for it. With this tweet from Ms. Kris stating that she's getting irritated already by the accusations that she does not like Sarah, is this going to start a rift between the two or will this finally convince Viva to allow Sarah to guest on Kris' show?

Let's all wait and see... 

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