Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is JuliElmo?

I still can't get over the one response I got after reacting to another nonsense Twitter trending topic on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After the JuliElmo launching movie failed big time on the tills, I just find it amusing that the team-up still keeps on trending on Twitter. This leads me to the conclusion exactly as I tweeted that not all that trends on Twitter is really popular beyond (not even the whole cyberspace) but on Twitter alone.

I commend the other fans of the team-up for not overreacting like this one. By now, you should all be used to these kinds of taunting. Instead of getting irritated, you must all prove that Julie Ann Jose and Elmo Magalona are indeed famous and the next time they will have a project, you must all unite and help their presence be felt beyond the list of Twitter trending topics.

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