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What Could Have Been for Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson

Is the Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson romance headed to the drain? It was only blooming, but a local showbiz reporter has hinted on his Twitter account through a series of posts masquerade as a blind item (but you would not think of any other team-up with the given clues) that Gerald has finally given up on courting the young super star.

Here are the scaps of the controversial tweets that made Ogie Diaz the sudden object of hatred and bashing from the hurting fans of Sarah and Gerald, collectively known as AshRarld.

 As a fan of the former team-up of Gerald with Kim Chiu, I was not ecstatic at all when he began declaring his admiration for Sarah on national TV. Sarah is so much like Kim, na├»ve, funny, childish and they both seem to fall in love quite easily. Gerald turned his back on Kim abruptly to seek someone whom he was attracted to from the very beginning, Bea Alonzo. Bea, who seems to be Gerald’s ideal girl, is very far from either Kim or Sarah, not only in terms of looks and figure, but also because unlike the two, Bea appears to be more experienced and matured.

After failing to maintain his relationship with Bea when he could not admit her to the public, as an spectator, I was expecting that Gerald’s new girl would now be more like Bea than Kim.

I know, Bea is happy now, so she should no longer be dragged into this. I am just trying to think why Sarah’s mom would hinder the development of romance between Sarah and Gerald. Aside from his tinted past, as luck would have it, Gerald is very vocal that Rayver Cruz is his best friend and he is often seen hanging out with Rayver and his (bad example) girlfriend, Cristine Reyes.

From the looks of it, Sarah is still not comfortable being around with Rayver and Cristine, when poked, would still say negative things against Sarah. If ever Sarah and Gerald would be a pair, Gerald then would have to choose if he’d spend more time with his GF than his BFF. Spell complicated!

The whole romance thing between Sarah and Gerald is very much publicized, making more people doubt Gerald’s intentions. There are now articles that are coming out, which say that Gerald is being used by Viva (Sarah’s management) for Sarah’s shows and concerts to be talked about. For me, it is the other way around. Sarah’s concerts would be jam packed, her projects would be successful (as long as the concept is good, so X mark for Idol and another X for her current show, Sarah G Live), even without linking her to anyone.

It is true though that everybody wants to find out whom she’ll end up with. Most people, including this blogger, want her to be with someone without any hidden agenda. I may be being unfair with Gerald because he may be serious this time and had suddenly forgotten his fascination for meztizas, but I am pretty sure many people would have the same doubts.

In this story, the person who will get the most anger is actually not Gerald but Sarah’s Mommy Divine. She appears to be quite strict even though Sarah is of the right age. The mother needs to learn how to slowly let her child go. Sarah needs to experience life and not just see it pass by her. She needs to be hurt in order to learn. She needs to make her stand and learn how to decide on her own.

As much as I sympathize with the mother, my heart bleeds for Sarah as well. If I were in her position, I’d be very depressed right now. She works very hard for her family. It is high time that she be given the kind of freedom that she needs and deserves. If this won’t happen now, I think that this would lead to a very big gap between the mother and the daughter, something which could be very hard to mend. The mother, while doing her best to protect her child, did not realize that she had also caused and continue to cause her biggest pains.

Before Sarah could find the right man and the right love, she needs to find her voice and learn how to stand on her own. By doing so, she will become a better person and a better performer. The princess has grown and it is high time that she realizes that life is not a fairy tale. And as for her mother, she should allow her child to write her own story before she ruins everything for her and before her child sees her as her biggest antagonist than an ally.

In the end, I just hope that Sarah finds her happiness and Mommy Divine learns how to accept. As for Gerald, he should also try to find himself first, be pretty certain about any of his endeavors before delving into these so that he won’t end up hurting anybody in the process even if he did not intend to.

To add fuel to the "fire" that remains to be a blind item until now, Gerald's friend, Young JV, twitted this:

As per the latest tweets of Ogie Diaz, he said that he had sources who told him that Gerald and Sarah would try to work this out. While this still has to happen, another blind item makes many people conclude that the subject is pertaining to Gerald. This is about an actor still being in love with someone whom he courted before, but it did not work out well when the actress got terrified with threats that she got from the actor’s cohorts. Now the actress is already involved with another actor and the main subject hasn’t moved on yet from his feelings for her.

Oh well, papel, this is another story that still has a long way to go. 

CONCLUSION ::: JULY 30, 2012
After everything that has happened and said about this issue, for me, this has already been concluded with this picture (courtesy of PUSH)

and these words coming from Sarah's mother:
“Actually kami nga ni daddy ang nagbigay ng permiso na ligawan niya sa bahay (si Sarah). Kinausap talaga namin siya nang pormal. Sabi ko sa bahay lang pwedeng ligawan ang anak ko, hindi sa labas, hindi sa text. Sabi ko, ‘Kung mapagpapasensyahan mo ang patakaran namin… ganito kami and nirerespeto namin kayo, sana respetuhin mo rin kami kasi babae ang anak ko.’ Ewan ko kung dapat sabihin pero hindi yata ano. Parang hindi niya mapagtyagaan ‘yung ganon…”

Even though the mom seems to be on the hot seat these days, with people urging her to allow a bit of freedom for her daughter (me, included), the bottom line still remains that we only see what's being in shown in front of the camera.

No matter how good of a daughter Sarah is, I don't think that she would allow herself to be manipulated by her parents, especially now that she is 24, if the parents did not give her enough reasons to love them above anyone else.

I can feel her overflowing love for her parents and the latter's fervent wish for their daughter to find a "real man" who can love her even more. If Gerald could not handle the "strict rules" of Sarah's parents now that he is still courting her, how could he last into a relationship with Sarah given the fact that she'll always be her parents' daughter?

Life is not just about kilig. Sarah has still not found her match, a man who will love her (including the parents and siblings) unconditionally. She needs someone who will be there for her and shower her with love more often off cam than when the cameras are there.

While others may say (and I think that I have also voiced out same opinion) that Mommy Divine should allow her child grow and let her experience the pains of love, we should also take into consideration that this kind of family bonding that they have is rare. And the exemplary love of Sarah for her parents is something that they must be proud of.

Sarah is a genuine person who deserves someone who has pure intentions.

Enough said. For those who were not able to watch the Sarah G Live episode where the parents' guested, here's a summary from PUSH of what happened.


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