Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THE HEALING Starring Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu Opens July 25

The last time I watched a Chito Rono-horror flick, I was not able to sleep for days without hiding in the sheets, afraid that I might see "Lotus Feet" walking towards me. As much as I'm not so into horror films, this is definitely a must-see. I just hope that I can get even one friend to accompany me (most of them were also traumatized by Louts Feet). My nieces would not, even though they are also big Kim Chiu fans. Oh, come on, Star Cinema, please do give Kim Chiu a film that kids could also watch (SOON). What about that Kim-Xian Lim project, pretty please. The people have spoken through the results of Yahoo OMG. We want to see more of KimXi =)

This image, I got from PEX. This version of the movie's poster is actually better than the one released by Star Cinema. This is more eerie. The official poster looks like it was not sure if the movie is drama or comedy =)  Credit as tagged and good job!

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