Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Were you a fan of the hit ‘90s series, “Beverly Hills 90210”? I was actually. It was during the time when my hormones were all raging for Jason Priestly and oh-so-good looking eyes. They could almost drown you.

But today, those yes are already surrounded by wrinkles. Those wrinkles that made him look cute before when he smiles are now being seen as sign of old age. Oh well, the guy is not that old and he still looks good. But where is he now anyway?

Jason is not among the announced cast of the show’s revival, neither the actress that played his twin sister in the series, Shannon Doherty. This gal had it all going for her. She could have made it big had she not turned to men and drugs.

I watched Luke Perry’s film that I could no longer remember the title. But I can definitely remember the lyrics of its theme song. It goes like “I used to have a wish, one day I’d be like this. Now I know love exist ‘cause it’s standing right next to me.”

I did not hear any scandalous act that Luke ever gets into. But maybe that also became his pitfall because after 90210, the name began to drift away from the fans’ scene. He is not a Britney Spears. But he really shouldn’t aspire to be, being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Jenny Garth was announced to be returning on the revival of the show. She is going to reprise her role. But this time, she’s gonna be playing a guidance counselor. I wonder how boring this series would be. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. Of all the characters to be played, huh. She could have been the mother of one of the youngest characters.

I don’t know. If the producers want something to offer the raging hormones generation, they could have opted to do a wholly new series. The 90210 will not be a hit without all the original casts in it. It will not click if they will create a different story. It might if they would get all the original casts and tell a story of what happened to them.

This is like no one will watch the hit comedy series “Friends” if they will replace the casts and come up with different stories. It won’t click either if only one “Friend” will be seen. Look at what happened to “Joey’s.”

I am really not excited about this idea. But don’t trust me, really. I wasn’t excited either at the thought of Robert Downey, Jr. playing the lead in “Iron Man.” And look where it is now. I just hope that they finish all the sequels while Mr. Downey can still do the stunts.

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