Thursday, April 10, 2008


So the mean girls of Hollywood are finally getting the pieces together. Or are they? Paris Hilton is proclaiming her love for the brother of her former bestfriend's beau? Were you able to follow suit?

Nicole Richie, the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie (I am making all these complicated), was Paris' former bestfriend. They broke that tie when, according to some gossip mongers, Nicole spread Paris' sex video at a party. But after the announcement that they were no longer bestfriends, they have kissed and made up so many times years later.

While everything seems to be going bad for Nicole, she was even suspected of suffering from anorexia, Joel Madden of "Good Charlotte" band impregnated her and brought her fats back. I mean he brought her life back. She has given birth to a baby girl in January.

And Paris, on the other hand, hooked up with the other Madden brother, Joel's ideantical twin, Benji. And the girl is now proclaiming her L-O-V-E for him all over the cyberspace. But she has not taken the drastic step yet of getting pregnant.

The Simpsons
Ashlee Simpson seems to be singing a happier note than her big sis, Jessica. Ashlee has gotten engaged to Pete Wentz, her rocker boyfriend who wears mascara.

While Yoko Romo, errr, Jessica, is helping boyfriend Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys lose his career. The fans has given her the nickname Yoko Romo, comparing her to Yoko Ono, John Lennon's wife who conthe fans were blaming for Lennon's career fall.

The Spears
Jamie Lyn is preggy and her boyfriend is ready to marry her. Soon enough, we'll be facing another Spears of the world.

Britney, well, she's still liking the idea that people are interested in what she's doing. She still likes it that the paparazzi are following her every move. So, yeah, nothing much has changed. Britney is still running around, belly and all, in skimpy outfits.

All of us should learn a little something from all these. Not because you've given birth to two sons means that you're going to lead the happy ever after route. This is especially true if you have married the palace's guard rather than its prince.

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