Wednesday, January 9, 2008


As time goes by, free TV in the Philippines has gone more toward giving the audience quality programming. But sadly there are only two stations that stand out and are actually being watched by most Filipinos, GMA 7 and ABS CBN.

The Filipinos are not divided by political parties. No one would ask you in the Philippines whether you are a Republican or Democratic. In this nation, the war is geared towards these two giant networks and the people must choose whether they are Kapuso if they root for GMA 7 or Kapamilya if they are all out for ABS CBN.

You can see this fact on Web forums, on street talks or even in the offices and sometimes, families are even divided as to what TV station they prefer. Oh, well, maybe that is one of the reasons why many households here have more than one TV set at their homes.

This is not a laughing matter, though. The ardent fans are becoming more and more personal with the way they hit at whatever stations they most like. They would even research with the ugliest details behind the people running the stations, uncover buried hatchets and even create intrigues just to spark more controversies.

If you think that the two stations would do something to pacify the fans or at least straighten out lies and lay out the facts, well, that's far from what's really happened and is still happening.

GMA 7, because they lack superstars at their fence, was said to propagate dirty write-ups, scandalous intrigues that are mostly not true and the last issue that they were said to be doing was sabotaging the ratings game, paying people to watch their shows, the people that they were able to locate as part of the AGB rating's system data gathering.

While ABS CBN, being the larger network that owns the largest electric company and various cable channels in the country, was rumored to be sabotaging GMA 7's reception in certain cable channels and cutting down on the electricity when a new and exciting program of the other network is about to be aired.

So which is the lesser evil?

As a televiewer, I still watch free TV whenever I want to. But these past few days, the networks' feud over the "tainted" ratings results fill both the stations' gaps, both saying that it is for our own sake that they want to show the truth blah-blah-blah.

As someone who wants to watch their shows, I, for one, don't really care about the so-called "truth." I don't care about the stations per se, but rather, their programs and talents. I hate it when they do dirty tactics just to advance ahead the competition. Quality programming is all I care about them both and if they have issues to be resolved, I don't think that the public should be flooded about it because this would only cause the Kapusos and Kapamilyas to argue and argue more, benefiting the two stations.

Something should be done about this. Someone should act on it. And for GMA 7 and ABS CBN, be responsible enough to stop the ads pertaining to the "search for truth." Both of you should just actually learn from the spidey guy that with great power comes great responsibility.

Come on, giant networks, enough is enough!

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