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I’ve been reading lately, even from a popular local columnist, Rickly Lo, asking what’s the big fuzz over the Sam and Piolo intrigue, why were the latter reacting like the issue is a big deal, and further defending the poor and aggravated party on this story, Lolit Solis, who stands by what she wrote – that she saw the two whispering to each other (in Filipino, “nagbubulungan”).

Lolit Solis, on the other hand, said that it was not herself who placed malice on it but the editor of the paper who wrote the title for the story that contained the word “naglalampungan” (in English, it is showing affection toward each other, but it is really a strong word that when one sees it, there is already a sexual connotation that comes to mind). What a lame excuse! Or is she implying that if the two matinee idols would sue, the editor deserves that more than she does.

Yes, okay, so what’s the big fuss about this whole hullabaloo? It is because Lolit Solis is affiliated with a network that is the fiercest rival of the station where the two stars are involved. Of course, even if Lolit was full of lies, the pro-GMA would defend her to the utmost that they can, as would the pro-Kapamilya for the two artists caught in this controversy.

Why does everybody seem to be on a defensive mode? You know why, had it been someone from ABC 5 or NBN 4 who had made the statement, who would care? But this is Lolit Solis, who is well-known as a GMA artist. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have an inch of credibility, she is a Kapuso baby and that is all what counts.

Let us not act innocent as if the poor Lolit Solis is just saying what she believes is true, and asking people why they are responding and so, making a big deal out of this. This is a big deal. Throw the stones at your own network and let the network mend the issues. But once you throw it over the bakod, it becomes a war, especially since Lolit has targeted two of the most bankable stars of the other bakod.

Hmm, I wonder why? Is it because there is really no “sikat” over the station where she works, that even if she sow lies after lies after lies to any “star daw” on her network, no one would care to react?

But whatever, everybody’s benefiting from this, it seems. Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby, despite disputing Lolit’s claims, were also given the favor to promote their shows here and there. And, of course, I bet that Lolit Solis’ showbiz-oriented show and even her column from the tabloid where the issue was first printed were getting the viewers’ attention and readership that was the sole purpose why she has written about it in the first place.

This issue is really a network war more than anything else. I believe that what made this showbiz gossip “big” is to whom it originated from and not really what the issue is about.

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