Friday, January 25, 2013

Gerald Anderson vs Maricel Soriano

I know, this is already becoming like an anti-Gerald Anderson blog. But I was really waiting for other juicy and interesting news in the local showbiz scene to end the three earlier posts that involved Gerald. To my surprise, he has gotten himself into another trouble, to which his home network was quick to protect and make him look like an angel who can't do any wrong (which only makes matters worse).

The issue: Veteran actress, Maricel Soriano, was reported to being blunt, frustrated and emotional after taping a scene with Gerald. She shouted hurtful words at him that reportedly made him cry, but said sorry to Ms. Maricel afterwards. According to some reports, Maricel did not like how Gerald delivered during the scene and it had already taken them quite a time to do that. She then told the actor that he was already being the cause of delay among other stuff that instead of challenging Gerald, it made him fear the veteran star and vowed to his bosses that he will not be part of the show if Maricel was going to be retained.

The verdict: Star Magic and the Kapamilya network, which handle Gerald's career, decided to remove Maricel from the "doomed" soap opera and retain their favorite, este, Gerald. They even sent out a strong statement in defense of their action and I quote:
"Star Magic has the utmost confidence not only in Gerald Anderson’s exceptional ability as an actor, but also in his unassailable personal character and professional behavior. The incidents that led to the removal of Maricel from Gerald’s latest telenovela were not provoked or instigated by Gerald in any manner."
I know that Gerald has improved a lot on his acting skills from the time that he has started, but he has still a lot to learn. The "exceptional ability" part of Star Magic's statement is a clear indication of favoritism. He may have the ability, but as compared with what Maricel Soriano can give into their every scene, I am pretty sure that if somebody must be given that "exceptional ability" remark, it would have been the veteran star and not this playboy, este, young actor.

I almost puked at the "unassailable personal character" part. They made it appear that this young actor can do no wrong. He is so good that his reputation cannot be tarnished. At this point of his career, humility might be the key to salvage what is still left of him. And these unbelievable praise releases about him aren't helping at all.

Star Magic seems to be so serious about this that even TV Patrol has reported about the depression that Maricel has been going through for the past years, which may be affecting her work and sanity. It was like all of a sudden, just because she made the wrong move of picking on the network's favorite, she is the meanest person on this local showbizlandia.

I know, she is not a saint. Maricel still needs to talk about past issues that involve her maids. But no one can contest that she is good in her craft and someone who deserves the praise, exceptional.

Regarding the issue, Maricel has kept mum, so it is enlightening to read words from someone who is on her side. Here are some statements from the actress' close friend and the director of her upcoming movie with Vice Ganda, Wenn Deramas. The following were lifted from Part 1. Director Wenn Deramas defends Maricel Soriano: "Huwag nating sabihin na yung tao ay ganito at ganyan dahil lamang sa isang insidente."
“Sa akin, isolated case ‘yan.
“Huwag nating sabihin na yung tao ay ganito at ganyan dahil lamang sa isang insidente.
“Isipin pa rin natin ang mga ginawa ni Maricel Soriano sa ABS-CBN, sa industriya—kung paano niya tayo pinasaya, kung paano siya napakahusay sa lahat ng kanyang mga ginagawa."
Wala raw maipipintas ang direktor kay Maricel pagdating sa propesyunalismo at pagmamahal na pinapakita nito sa trabaho.
“Si Maricel, hindi mo mapupulaan sa kanyang trabaho—na si Maricel hindi magaling sa pelikula o teleserye… wala, e.
“Tinatrabaho niya yun at hindi puwede sa kanya na ‘ako lang ang magaling.’ Dapat tayo.
“Pinaniniwalaan ko si Maricel Soriano.
“Gaya ng sinabi ko, isolated case yung nangyari na hindi mo puwedeng husgahan ang tao dahil lang dun sa nangyari. 
“Saka ilan lang silang nandun nung nangyari yun.
“Unfortunately, si Maricel Soriano ang tipo ng artista na hindi magsasalita para ipagtanggol ang sarili niya.”
As for this blogger, even though Gerald is their contract star, the Kapamilya network should have protected both actors. As it is, only Maricel's reputation is being tarnished as the issue has blown out of proportion and the veteran star is now the subject of several malicious blind items. Whether these are true or not, the Kapamilya network's action only made the situation worse. Instead of saving her from further humiliation, ABS-CBN has only added more insult to the injury, in expense of the more experienced star.

I wonder if they will still go on with the doomed teleserye with the network's current favorite. I don't hate Gerald, but I want him to be humble enough to admit his mistakes and apologize publicly to those whom he has offended and hurt, instead of acting like he has not done anything wrong.


Martina Cruz said...
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Anonymous said...

After reading this, my empathy is with Maria... This is a wrong moved of "ABS-CBN management and STAR MAGIC" to bring back the good image of Gerard and used Ms. Maricel Soriano's name as a damaged control. Another is the "Anger Management thing" which TVPatrol reported a few days ago,it's a disgrace abs-cbn!!! Where's the word "DECENCY and RESPECT" here? Reminding someone/maricel about her past sufferings. Instead of giving support as a Mother network to Maria, you let her down again.. I don't believe this "anger management thing" because if she's still suffering from it or have an attitude problem, WHY did the management of abs-cbn and star magic signed her a contract if they knew that maria is still not through of her emotional problem? I had noticed, for almost three years this Gerard is not behaving well. I always heard his name from my colleagues, but sad to say based from what i have heard,,, he's not pleasant at all. He's not worth for admiration from younger youth of today. He SHOULD just "HUMBLE" himself or i must say,,,He MUST... Even if Maria did something wrong, he must still show a little respect because maria is still an elder to him and she is more deeply rooted in showbiz industry. Thank You to Direk Wenn for believing. I hope that abs-cbn and star magic will OMIT the word "FAVORITISM" in managing their own TALENTS. From my own point of view Gerard is FAVORED here. Hello Management? Show us that you manage fairly.

Anonymous said...

How come every time GE was involved in issues ABS-CBN comes to his rescue -Of course he's a favored talent but then come to think of it- a veteran artist was also involved. and to think that the issue here was professionalism & NOT GE doesn't know how to act-he does . It was just that he was Not able to deliver his lines @ the time he was w/ Ms.Maricel Soriano in that First day of taping. He should have just apologize /humbled himself to show due Respect to her being a senior veteran actress.Besides, the veteran actress assumed he knows his lines when coming to the set.To add insult to injury Ms.Maricel's past was mentioned w/c I think is way-out-of line. Instead of telling this guy to be professional/ show decency & Respect - The management sided w/this guy letting go of the veteran actress just like that- SCRAPED from the soap of this guy for good. Abs-Cbn perhaps you've created a monster out of this guy -w/o even knowing it.

Anonymous said...

Gerald knows that he'll be working with a veteran actor so he should have prepared very well before coming to the set. But to be fair, of course, nobody is perfect and probably it added to the pressure that he is in fact working with a veteran actor. He probably got really nervous and was not able to keep it together.

I think it's because Maricel is a veteran actor that made ABS-CBN choose Gerald. They have to save Gerald because they still have a bet on him/a contract. It's business, you know. And besides, the soap is about the main character which is Gerald.

Unlike with Maricel, she just recently signed her contract so meaning, there's still a lot of projects they can offer her. And even if she's removed from this soap, she will absolutely be fine because she is and will always be "the diamond star".

You see, in this situation, no matter how you put it, it's Gerald who was not able to's him who was not able to BRING it. So we might feel sympathetic about Maricel right now, on how ABS handled it, but for me it's very clear, ABS had to save Gerald because he badly needed to be saved.

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