Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vice Ganda VS Ate Gay

Ate Gay is one good comedian who is only waiting for the right opportunity to shine. He never fails to make me laugh whenever I catch him doing short skits and gags on his appearances at various local TV shows. He can make people laugh without degrading them (a lot) and this is what makes him different from more famous comedians, like Vice Ganda.

Vice Ganda's forte is to make people look bad and ugly and make them feel "tanga" in order to exude his audience' laughter.

When Ate Gay expressed his excitement on his Twitter account that he was tapped to replace Vice on It's Showtime while Vice would go on a break for weeks, I was happy. I just thought that finally, Ate Gay's time has come and wondered, "May babalikan pa kaya si Vice."

Well, they have different strengths, I guess. There are audiences, of course, who prefer Vice's style, but there are also those who have yet to discover the funny antics of Ate Gay. His quite famous skit, The Door, is frequently used on It's Showtime's rival, Eat Bulaga, by Allan K and the trio of Jose, Wally and Paolo.

Now that Vice is already on vacation, Ai-Ai delas Alas took his spot on the show. Something obviously happened, which led to these tweets of Ate Gay.

To add fuel to the fire, Ogie Diaz, Vice's former manager whom he also had an issue with in which Ogie until now, had chosen to remain silent about, retweeted Ate Gay's reply to one follower and added his comments as well.

ABS-CBN must once again help Vice get out of this mess before he could gain any more detractors, but they must also take a second look at Ate Gay. This one is certainly a diamond in the rough and a big threat to those who have already experienced success and let it gone into their heads.


Kim Toledo said...

I'll Go with Vice Ganda! He is so funny and outgoing.. He is one of our new generation comedian here in the philippines..

I love comedy! and I would like to suggest this video from davao city. It was so Funny, I believe he could enter showbiz as a comedian.

Kim Toledo said...

=) Thank You for Visiting tSiSmoSa! (=