Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senator Tito Sotto on His Plagiarism Issue


End of post. He would not listen anyway. He would even mock those who are correcting his claims. Let's see what the future holds for this senator who makes Sen. Lapid look genius all of a sudden by continuously making himself look and sound like a fool.



Can't really help, but add more to this post. Sorry, Sen. Sotto, I just really think that until you have learned to be humble and apologize to whom it's due and stop copying other people's thoughts and translating other people's work, etc etc, the issue about plagiarism will haunt you. Oh boy, I can no longer remember your arguments about the RH Bill.

You paved the way for a new word to be discovered, one of the current Twitter trending topics, which is #Sinotto. This generally refers to any kind of original work (mostly songs) that are translated into Filipino. What led to such?

First, Sen. Sotto gave another speech (his last, hopefully), about RH Bill, but taunted his audience in the end by saying that - "The last part of his speech was in Filipino so that he would no longer be accused of plagiarism," as per the tweets of ANC.

Here are the other tweets that summed up that it really wasn't Sen. Sotto's lucky day yesterday.

After mocking his audience by stating, "nakakatawa sila," how could he and his family expect to get respect? The senator seems to have a hard time showing such not only to the commoners and "mere" bloggers who listen to his speeches, but also to the original creators of the words that he claimed as his own (he did not cite  nor thanked his references). 

This sums up his latest blunder that led to the creation of the word, "Sinotto."

credits to original owner (got this from Twitter)
These two images, I got from Facebook. These made me laugh. If only Sen. Sotto would stop thinking that he could get away with his blunders by being arrogant and he would instead apologize and admit his mistakes, he will not end up as a laughingstock like how many people now perceive him to be.

Credits to the original owners of these images:

When Sen. Sotto would not apologize to blogger, Sarah Pope, many people criticized him that made him think that he was being bullied in the cyberspace.

And now, with his latest booboo, comes this reaction:

What a legacy you will be leaving behind, Sen. Sotto. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

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