Sunday, November 27, 2011

The End of Piolo Pascual - KC Concepcion Fairy Tale

I am sure that everybody was glued on their TV sets yesterday when KC Concepcion finally aired her side of the story on her breakup with Piolo Pascual. The interview was okay, but it did not answer the most intriguing aspects that will satisfy Piolo’s gazillion detractors. This one is better than when John Lloyd Cruz faced Boy Abunda with ex-girlfriend, Shaina Magdayao, just to add more puzzles to their already very confusing story.

I Heart KC

KC Concepcion has a big heart. She’s into charities, sharing her talent, time, fame and fortune to various charitable institutions and advocacy. This is one girl who seems to almost have it all. This may also be the reason why as much as she is loved by many people, there are also many who do not like her.

She is a princess and a darling, but this does not translate to hit movies, albums or TV shows. She still needs to work on making people more endeared to her. She cannot please everybody and she’ll go crazy if she’d try, but there are some things that she ought to learn how to change and adjust into, so that her detractors would see the other side of KC.

How will she able to pull it off? I don’t know. These are the times that we, ordinary people, should be thankful that we are not KC Concepcion.

I Heart Piolo More

This issue is quite painful not only to these two, but to some people like me, who adore Piolo. This only opened not only doors, windows, but also the littlest holes for Piolo’s detractors to throw unnecessary punches his way.

It was a sad timing that Joey de Leon was a guest on The Buzz when the KC Tell-All aired. He did not waste any time to hint and mock about Piolo’s gender as he always does whenever he pleases on national TV. They say that Mr. de Leon is an intelligent person, but his subtle mockery on the issue that he is not even part of made him look like the opposite of intelligent. Where is his dignity after all?

The sad fact is that there are many Joey de Leon’s out there who are not involved in the issue, are not being asked about their opinions, but freely give theirs, just so to prove a point that they are right about Piolo’s sexual preference.

Yun naman yun. They all want him to tell that he’s gay. Joey, who even cried on national TV, after being accused of being a rapist, should know better that whatever the truth is behind this issue, Piolo has a family and a son to protect.

Piolo has given us, the viewing public, excellent performance in most of his endeavors. He has done something wrong to KC. Problema na nila yun. He keeps on doing his job to entertain and please people who want to watch him, so wala tayong problema dapat sa kanya.

What we need to know is that they have broken up. That’s it. They ought to talk about this, sila lang. And when they are ready, they can opt to share to the public what they think we deserve to know about.

The issue has already gotten out of hand. Please, refrain from interviewing Sharon, especially these days when her daughter is still very much affected with what happened. And I hope that Joey de Leon will stop giving his malicious opinions about the matter that he is not even part of.

I am pretty sure that Piolo will be barged with more hurtful questions when he comes back from his show with KC in Japan. I am quite sure as well that he will be man enough to know what to say and what to keep to himself, to protect his loved ones, including his hurting ex-girlfriend.

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