Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ugly Side of Toni Gonzaga

I used to admire Toni Gonzaga for her wittiness, but she's had too much of it that she seems to have forgotten about respect and responsibility. These two words fill her co-hosts on the Sunday showbiz talk show, The Buzz, Charlene Gonzales, Boy Abunda and KC Concepcion. She might as well learn from their good demeanors, or else she will definitely stand out for having lack of manners and ethics.

I watched last Sunday's episode of The Buzz. All the hosts grilled Bianca Manalo, asking her for clarifications on the issue that the girl was sadly brought into. While Bianca was trying her best to stay composed all throughout the interview, Toni just went out with the show as if she did not do anything wrong on the previous episode.

She somehow admitted that to her best knowledge, John Pratts and Rachelle Ann Go are already separated for quite some time already. Last Sunday, she defended what she said by saying all of us have our own opinions. It is just that she's being seen and heard on TV and we're not.

That's it. She has said it herself. A simple sorry could have eased her out of this issue. She is a TV personality, thus she ought to be more careful with what she delivers to her audience. We're not. We may have our opinions and we can tell it to the world through blogging and other mediums, but the number of people that we'd be able to reach is still far from the hoards of viewers who have heard what Toni spilled out about the relationship that in the first place, she did not have anything to do about.

She should have shown some respect for her fellow actors who were suddenly placed in an ugly limelight just because Toni Gonzaga wanted it so bad to be as witty as Kris Aquino. The latter can get away with almost anything that she says, because she has class and the kind of conviction that she was able to muster on her long stint in showbizness.

Toni is still young. She is not as credible as Boy Abunda or Kris Aquino, so she must stop acting like one. Yes, her presence in The Buzz, can be annoying at times, especially when she acts as if she knows it all. If she was in the position of Rachelle Ann, whether the breakup issue is true or not, would she want it to go out of hand just because of someone who has an opinion and has a TV show, which makes her think it gives her ample reasons to give her obtrusive opinion?

Just asking. And as a viewer (who can only relay her opinion on the cyberspace and not on TV), I am still waiting for Toni Gonzaga to humbly accept her fault and apologize to Rachelle Ann, John Pratts and everybody who is giving their opinions about the matter who are not seen on TV, unlike Toni G. This is to prove that she doesn't think highly of herself, because she must really not. She still has not reached the amount of respect that KC Concepcion keeps on garnering by being a very sensitive TV host, especially when seated alongside this bitch! (sorry for the outburst, what I mean is Toni G.) Haha! It's okay, I'm not on TV so I can say whatever I want, di ba Toni G?

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