Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Till My Heartaches End - Now Showing

The last movie of Kimerald (for this year) is finally out. They've had a very successful premiere last night. It looked fun and exciting, but I also heard about the bashings that Gerald Anderson had to bear throughout the run of the film. It is only understandable that even Kim Chiu was very emotional. ABS-CBN seems to be enjoying this roller coaster of emotions, because why would they name the third party on the movie, Lea, which sounds a lot like the third party that most people believe to be in real life, if not to fuse more bashings from those who painfully attended the premiere night even though they are only supporting Kim now.

I haven't watched the film yet. I am only getting these details from various discussion forums. The film was said to be a mirror of what has actually happened with the love story of the two leads. It was very brave of them to do the film and even braver to watch their own story with many of those who have been witnesses of it all.

I was surprised at the numerous comments that my previous post about this whole brouhaha has gotten. These comments only prove that there are indeed so many people who are interested to know the truth and defend their idols. I expected the hurtful comments in the beginning, but as months passed by, I can no longer relate with the kinds of comments that appear to be unforgiving and very brutal.

At the end of it all, we have to understand that Kim and Gerald are only human beings who are bound to commit mistakes. They are free to choose whoever they will love, no matter how they want to do such. Gerald may have hurt Kim a lot on how he has dropped the bomb or how the bomb was eventually discovered, about his new love. If Kim had chosen to forgive, forget and move on, her fans should definitely follow the lead.

If you have noticed, I have not mentioned the name of the other girl involved in this issue. I have moved on, and to avoid blurting out unnecessary things, I have chosen to ignore and just simply forget that she exists.

I will watch Till My Heartaches End this Saturday. I just hope that after this film, bigger breaks will be given to Kim Chiu with other partners. She deserves the blessings and good karma for how she carried herself throughout the ordeal.

As for Gerald, I'm sure that ABS-CBN has plans for him because he's a natural charmer. May this film open new and brighter doors for these two and I really hope that this is going to be a big hit.


~ "C" said...

I am a late bloomer and just recently became a fan...like two months ago,I know...where have I been? (thanks to a bro-in-law who introduced MY first teleserye DVD to me...."Tayong Dalawa") So late, I know. I feel bad, because Kimerald puts a smile on my face and it's sad because I found out that they are no longer together or something =( It's really sad. I'm just catching up aka "late nighters" on their PBB clips on YouTube and plan to order the whole thing from Amazon. What a waste. I hope it's not too late for me. I don't get updated much here in Cali (no TFC yet but I do get those DVDs now from my BIL)... I didn't even know them before, nor have I been a fan of anyone in PI in the past (well, except for Derek Ramsey who's so hot), but the Kimerald magic drives me crazy happy. Thanks for the info you put out. (I stumbled here through Google searches). I will come back for updates.

tSisMoSa! said...

Have you seen Kim's Your Song episode w/ Derek? The story was sad, but they really looked good together as well. The Kimerald teamup was really cute. I was also frustrated when they parted ways (& I couldn't believe myself for feeling that way haha!)

If you want to catch up on Kim's latest TV appearances, you can go to -- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kim-Chiu-Videos/150259945032651

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