Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Do – Defining Feel Good at Its Best

In Fairness!

That would sum up my experience watching the latest Star Cinema flick, I Do. I did not expect anything (good) from the movie because I didn’t have plans to watch it either. My 5-year-old niece wouldn't let me go about my every day life without seeing this film. Nope, she is not a fan of the love team that was featured on I Do. We watched it because of my niece’s highest level admiration for Melai, yes, The Melissa Cantiveros of the PBB Double Up fame.

Overall, the movie was effortless. It wasn’t trying too hard to make the viewers laugh or cry, but there lies its magic. I was laughing most of the time, and sobbing a bit, especially at scenes that involved how the parents dealt with the problem that the characters of Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee brought about.

The first time that Pokwang cried on the phone, while she was telling someone that the wedding won’t push through was sad, but very real. Dennis Padilla’s character was also very real and it is something that most dads can relate to, especially those who have experienced the same fate.

The bad side of the film though was the Chinese family of Enchong. I am not Chinese, so I wouldn’t know if it was portrayed right. The family was stiff. It is as if they are very serious about everything. All they think about is money. Most of their scenes were serious. They were having a party, but you won’t find anyone who seems to be having a grand time. The Chinese girls that some of the characters, including Enchong’s, dated, were also portrayed as boring and very straight individuals.

I have a Chinese friend and she’s the most fun person I’ve met. She’s very far from the Chinese characters on this film.

Despite the flaws, this movie clearly defines what feel good is all about. It was fun. The bloopers in the end made it more enjoyable. I am a sucker for bloopers, hehe!

This is worth the price that you will pay for, but don’t expect too much and just enjoy the ride.

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