Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor Andi

Aww... Poor Andi. I know, I am one of those who do not want the young version of Agua Bendita to end. It is just that the young girl, Xyriel Anne Manabat, who plays both the young Agua and Bendita in the said show is simply charming. Who would have thought that she could beat the ratings of Darna's final week? But the show should have been more about the older Agua and Bendita, who will be played by Andi Eigenmann. The latter did all the promotions and interviews for this as part of her job. She's young, but there's a lot of hope in her eyes that this is her time to shine.

She is not Judy Anne Santos who can afford to wait three years for her soap opera to be aired. Andi is only starting to dream. Now that it seems unsure when Agua and Bendita will grow up, Andi is left with questions from people about when is she going to be seen on her own show. I still don't want Xyriel Anne's stint on the show to end, but at least for her hard work and effort, ABS CBN should give Andi something where she can still shine and make the public eager to see her on Agua Bendita.

Why don't they cut the currently playing PHR with two actors without any chemistry and spark, Paw Diaz and Rafael Rossel and put Andi on the slot with a big time Kapamilya actor like Diether Ocampo? This way, they can compensate for the still unfulfilled promises and at the same time, people will start to appreciate Andi. As of now, the reason why I am not that eager to watch her on primetime is because I don't know anything about her, aside from the fact that she's Jacklyn Jose's daughter.

I'm now torn. I don't want the kids on the show to grow up, but my heart goes out to the supposedly real star of the show. Here's Andi's latest blog post. I am not sure what is this about, but it's still heart breaking in any way, thus the title, Mend My Broken Heart.

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