Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Outspoken Paras Kids, EB Super Sireyna Scandal and the Billy-Nikki Breakup

Wow, the local showbiz industry is once again alive, with facts and rumors that inject life to the gossip-mongers like mwah!

This one first – the Kobe and Andre Paras feud (?) with their mom, former actress, Jackie Forster. I understand the press and their need to voice out their concerns regarding the apparent dislike of these kids to their real mother. As many have already said, most people in this country have high respect for moms. This may be the reason why there are a lot who are now judging the boys because they could not contain their dislike for Jackie.

In the first place, would we hear these teenage voices speaking their angry hearts out towards their mother had they not been asked about the matter? They were asked. They spoke the truth about how they really feel at the moment and they were bombarded with criticisms.

I may not like what I’ve been hearing from the sons of Benjie Paras, but I also feel for them in a way. When I was at their age, I also spoke and thought like them. I may not be placed in a similar situation, but I would react the same way if I was. I mean, I would feel like I already have an ideal family and an ideal mom who treated me like her own and made me forget about the misgivings of my real mom. By entering into the picture at this time, it may feel as if the real mom is trying to destabilize the world that the step-mom has already perfected for them.

We must also take into consideration that Jackie had these kids at the same age that Kobe and Andre are now in. If Jackie was so hard-headed at the time to give up her career for love and not mind her own family, you will no longer wonder where these kids have gotten this similar attitude from.

Oh well, now that they have entered the business, it is only expected that they are going to be asked about the tinniest details of their private lives. They must now be more guarded and learn how to say, no comment, especially if they can’t lie about how they really feel about the matter that is being talked about.

OMG, with the nude photo scandal of the recently crowned Eat Bulaga Super Sireyna, the one who used Kim Chiu as his moniker during the pageant. I doubt if Eat Bulaga will dethrone him because they were not clear in the first place if they have strict rules that are similar with prestigious beauty pageants like Bb. Pilipinas. It is sad though because after the scandal, I don’t think that he would get the kind of respect that he may have been after, even from the very outspoken hosts of Eat Bulaga, such as Joey de Leon.


What did Billy Crawford say as the reason for the breakup of his romance with Nikki Gil? He felt lost. He was not happy. He ought to find himself first. How can he cause happiness to other people if he himself is not happy?

Too many words, but for many showbiz onlookers, these only meant one thing – he fell out of love. Poor girl. But what do we know? This might give Nikki more opportunities to shine in her career, which in the past years, had only gained attention for her involvement with Billy. She is a good character actress and can follow the lead of Angel Aquino.

Oh well, as they say, in life, shit happens. You just have to flush the toilet and move on =)

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