Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Takes a Man and a Woman - It Should Have Ended with a Real Kiss

I just watched the third installment to the Miggy and Laida love story, It Takes a Man and a Woman, and I must say that my money was well-spent, just like with the first two parts of the film. It has been quite a while since I enjoyed a local rom-com film and as I expected, there was never a dull moment with this film. John Lloyd Cruz looked quite handsome and more macho than the other ABS-CBN leading men with defined abs, simply because he already has captured the hearts of his market, despite the negative publicity that continues to hound his career.

It was Sarah Geronimo who surprised me because she was able to act out her dramatic scenes in the film in a very effective manner. This will prove her detractors that given the right project and director, she can do so much more beyond being pa-tweetums.

What I did not like about the film:

  • Isabelle Daza’s performance, especially during her breakdown scene when John Lloyd broke up with her. Her approach to her role was like “napadaan lang”. She’s very pretty though. She needs to learn how to come up with different expressions on her pretty face.
  • There were a lot of scenes that could have been more meaningful had John Lloyd kissed Sarah on her lips for real. For one, on the elevator, after Laida has tendered her resignation, the proposal scene and, of course, the wedding scene. For the love of the character of Laida and to make the story more genuine and felt, Mommy Divine should have allowed Sarah to let the viewers see how much Laida loves Miggy with one meaningful kiss on their wedding.
  • Sarah’s hair. There were lots of stylists who do better wigs that look more real.
  • Laida’s dialogues during the wedding. Ang habaaaaaaaa…
What I liked most about the film:
  • John Lloyd.
  • The extended bloopers, of course.
  • The proposal scene was something that only Cathy Garcia Molina could handle and deliver effectively.
  • When Laida was walking down the aisle on their wedding and Miggy was narrating how this girl came into his life when he needed her the most.
It is only expected that this film is going to be a blockbuster. My most favorite though remains to be the first part of the Miggy and Laida love story, A Very Special Love. It had more humor and maybe I can totally relate to the Laida Version 1 more than the Version 2.0.

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