Monday, November 26, 2012

Expecting a Pinkish White Glow Results for 24 7 In Love

I ought to write something about having a pinkish white glow skin, but first off, I want to share my thoughts about 24/7 In Love and Suddenly It’s Magic, which seem to be trekking the same path. Here it goes…


I am wondering whether or not the latest offering from Star Cinema, which was co-produced by Star Magic, 24/7 In Love, was a hit or tragic like the last film that aired before its run – Suddenly It’s Magic.

Before I start ranting about my reasons why I won’t watch 24/7 In Love and why I am writing this instead of a piece about having a pinkish white glow skin, this is my take why Suddenly It’s Magic turned tragic. Oh boy, the movie poster was a disaster. It is as if they have spent all their resources on the leading man’s talent fee, whom most Pinoys know as the guy in the Thai movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, than his real or screen name. He may be cute and charming. The movie could have done better if it was given a leading lady with a solid following, like Kim Chiu or Sarah Geronimo.

Instead of choosing a leading lady (who has a pinkish white glow – maisingit lang) who looks good with just about anyone paired to them, they have tapped someone who looks better in grim roles, like Aswang, than in any stories that are light and aimed to make people feel in love and kilig. Some of Erich Gonzales fans, at the time of the movie’s promo, would argue that she was the first choice, so opinion-givers can no longer do anything about it. Now it was proven that we can do something and that is to decide not to watch this flop film. I know what they will say now – that the movie is still being shown in other countries or that Star Cinema already regained its money because it has sold the movie rights to its Thailand counterpart, and so on. Whatever they say, nothing can change the latest figures that this movie has created at BOM – it flopped and the magic really turned tragic.

Now on to 24/7 In Love – I have a feeling that this is headed the tragic route as well. It features the biggest artists of Star Magic, such as John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo and Piolo Pascual. It has the hottest loveteam that caters to teens and pre-teens, KathNiel and it was promoted as the comeback film of KathNiel predecessor, KimErald.

Its selling point, aside from the artists, was the compilation of seven love stories in one film. The downside to this is that, based on the teasers and trailers, all these stories are sort of “gasgas.” I no longer need to pay for it just to prove that I won’t enjoy the film. Oh well, I really won’t enjoy it because I am craving for Kim Chiu’s other loveteam, which is KimXi (Kim Chiu and Xian Lim), than the one that was featured in this movie. Of all the artists and their fan bases, I think that only the fans of KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) would seriously plan on checking this out, simply because most of them are young, but I don’t think that this will be enough to turn this film into a hit.

This is only my hunch though, that this is going to flop and will show box office results that is only a little higher than Suddenly It’s Tragic, er Magic. I’ll be very surprised, but happy, if I turned out to be wrong. Piolo needs a hit movie and the story of Sam Milby and Pokwang seems cute, but it is still not enough for me to brave the cinemas and watch Kim with Gerald Anderson, haha! Bitter! I know, right?

The good thing about this movie though is it’s movie poster. It was far beyond my expectations after the Tragic’s poster, but the two layouts for the 24/7 In Love film looked awesome. Kudos to whoever made these.

Back to my pinkish white glow article, but hoping that the next movie from Star Cinema would be better than these two. Is it going to be the MMFF entry, Sisterakas? Oh good Lord, not again hehe!


Edit: December 10, 2012

Based on the figures at BOM, the gross of 24/7 In Love did not turn out to be as bright and shimmering as the number of stars that were part of its cliche stories.

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