Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Uh Oh Moment for Gerald Anderson

I don't want to post the photos here, but for those who have Instagram, you can check Fashion Pulis' account - micsylim, to see the clear versions of the photos that have been posted on this popular blog. While at it, you may also want to read the blind item that the blogger wrote about the subject of the leaked pictures.

Just to warn you though, the blind item is definitely not for those who are die-hard AshRalds. In summation, this has vindicated Mommy Divine from all the harsh words that she has been getting on how overprotective she is of Sarah Geronimo.

Here's the link to the blind item, with supporting clearer photos at the author's IG account - Did Mom Know Best?

Oh well, Gerald is still a boy. I just hope that he does not use his charms to make vulnerable women fall for him, especially if he is still not serious about getting involved in a commitment.

As for Sarah, for sure you have been told many times that good things come to those who wait and yeah, good men, too.

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