Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Moms behind the Albie vs Andi Brouhaha

It is Mother’s Day, and the headlines at the local showbiz industry (nope, not the Tulfo vs Claudine and a little bit of Raymart), are mostly about the moms of the kids who have recently gotten themselves into trouble (that only their moms could help in clearing their names?).

It has been all over the news for more than a week now. To sum it up (from a couch potato’s point of view), Andi Eigenmann left her baby at home (to the care of her mom perhaps?) to hang out with friends in a bar, just like the good old days when she was not still a mom herself. Albie Casino, the rumored father of Andi’s child, who is constantly seen at many people’s FB statuses for being almost everywhere (from bars, to beaches to private homes, doing wacky and sometimes naughty poses with his friends), happened to be in the same bar as Andi’s.

The two are not in good terms and they haven’t been since Albie learned about Andi’s pregnancy. They met in the bar. Andi did ala Cherry Gil and threw wine on Albie’s face, slapped him and said some nasty words. Andi was insulted with Albie’s facial expression. She felt as if he was insulting her all the more.

Now what kind of facial expression can you do when you have wine on your face? Let’s all look in the mirror and pretend that someone threw wine on our faces. Yep, it really looked insulting hehe!

To cut the story short, Albie was beaten up by Andi’s companions on his way out. While being beaten, he was maybe thinking of what would happen next to the story so he made sure that he recognized a face or two from the kiddos who were hurting him, in revenge to what he did to Andi. One of the faces that he was able to remember was that of the late Francis Magalona’s son, Frank.

Andi saw what happened. She ran up to him and said something like, “Don’t show your face to any of my friends ever again. Hindi mo sila kaya.” Oh yeah, I forgot, she also asked the badly bruised and beaten up Albie if he was okay.

Done with the summary. I did not take this seriously because this is very childish. This could not have happened if Andi became more mature after she has given birth. What was she doing staying up quite late when she already has a baby? Okay, maybe she just wants to enjoy her youth, but God, you must be more responsible by now.

Albie, on the other hand, should have learned his lessons from the mistakes he did in the past. He had a promising career and he just wasted the trust that ABS-CBN has given him by not only screwing up his own life, but screwing up a fast-rising TV gem at that time, who is Andi.

Now that everything has already been said about the issue, there are three faces that we keep on seeing on various media platforms, and none of them were involved in the brawl – Rina Casino, Jaclyn Jose and Pia Magalona.

Rina is Albie’s mom. Her take - “I cannot understand why would these guys beat up my son. ‘Di ko alam kung bakit, inagrabyado ba sila ni Albie? Wala namang ginagawang masama ang anak ko, nananahimik na. My son is trying to move on.”  

Jaclyn, Andi’s mom, in defense of herself and her daughter – “N’ung nabuntis nga ni pitik ‘di ko nagawa. Pinalaki ko ang mga anak ko ng walang palo at mahusay na pakikipagusap lang…. At lalong ’di ko pinalaking sinungaling ang mga anak ko.” 

Pia, Frank Magalona’s mom, also came to his defense – This is from PEP Alerts posted on May 9. “Ayon kay Pia Magalona, totoong naroon si Frank Magalona sa Fiamma Bar nang maganap ang pambubugbog umano kay Albie Casino ngunit hindi raw kasama ang anak sa mga umatake sa young actor.” 

This story is no longer about these showbiz kids who have gotten themselves into an ugly limelight. This proves that mothers will do everything to defend their children no matter what it takes.

I can only imagine the tears that these moms have cried for the problems that their children are now facing. They may look tough in front of the camera or they may say things and accusations just to defend their own blood, but deep inside, these three are very much hurting for what their children have become or have gotten themselves into.

Albie, Andi and Frank, and other youth like these three, should all learn vital lessons from this story. We must all appreciate our moms because we know that we can depend on them even in worst cases. In return, we should not get into any kind of situations that will force our moms to speak up for us. They will, for sure, but just imagine the pains that they may be going through for the actions and things that they did not have anything to do with in the first place.

Happy mother’s day to these three, Rina, Jaclyn and Pia. Maybe Claudine Baretto could learn something from this as well, as a mom and as a daughter =)

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