Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Babe I Love You Got the PG-13 Rating

I did not intend to watch Anne Curtis and Sam Milby's Babe I Love You, but I was able to catch it, no thanks to my super makulit niece who has this biggest crush on its male lead. My niece asked me why the movie was rated PG-13. I told her that there may be some scenes like extreme kissing parts or the two leads trying to conceive a baby (believe me, this is the simplest form of explanation that you can give a child instead of saying that the actors are making out).

I am not a fan of the two so I ended up fighting sleep all throughout the movie. The storytelling and editing are very flawless. It looked like the director followed a strict storyboard from the first up to the last shot. The story actually tried to veer away from the norm by making Anne's character flawed, but the overall appeal is old. The material has already been used many times before and this film offered nothing new.

The directing was bland. It was uber boring. There were no scenes and shots that will leave you breathless, nor there were lines that you will remember for the longest time. Its only saving grace is Anne's portrayal of her part. She was very convincing and she was really good. You will forget her glamorous side as you watch the film because she was really able to transform into her character.

Ok, the theme may be for adults, hence the PG-13 rating. My niece was asking me from the start when will I cover her eyes for scenes that she was not allowed to see. I told her Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's Paano na Kaya had more kissing scenes than this one. Maybe it got the PG rating so that parents can translate to the kids what Sam was saying. 90% of his lines were in English.

I am not a fan of John Lloyd Cruz but I get excited whenever I see him onscreen because he always delivers according to the role. And unlike Sam, John Lloyd knows the language of most of his audience. It will take many years before Sam can achieve such status because I don't think he is exerting much effort to be good at it.

Overall, this film is not for those who aren't fans of Sam and Anne. It was okay, so-so and very forgettable.

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