Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unexciting Entries at 2009 MMFF

The promotions for this year's Film Fest entries are all over, and based on what I've seen so far, I think that this is an unexciting year for Tagalog film buffs.

Mano Po 6 - I heard that this film got an A grade from the CEB. I am not a Sharon fan and she's the only big star that is included in the cast. The story is not that exciting, I've seen it on many other films and TV dramas. I'm not going to watch this even on a pirated DVD copy.

I Love You Goodbye - If the story is not that exciting for Mano Po 6, I can't understand the story of this film at all, if there is any. The trailer is like an MTV of various scenes that tackle different peaks or plot points of the film. Sabog. I will not watch this either, but I'm going to search for Kim Chiu's scenes on YouTube.

Panday - Abiding parents would watch this to give in to their kids' request. Thank God, my niece doesn't like these kinds of films. She'll be afraid of the computer graphic effects done, especially on the antagonists. I'm afraid I don't want to see Bong Revilla on the big screen.

Ang Darling Kong Aswang - Based on the trailer, this New Moon-inspired film is actually funny. Among all entries, if I'd be given a pass to see only one film, I'd choose this.

Shake Rattle and Roll - I watched last year's version because of Kim Chiu, hehe! I'd say that it is really hard to thrill the audience just like what the first three sequels of this film were able to do back in the 80s and early 90s. Nope, I won't watch this entry, thank you very much.

Nobody, Nobody but Juan - Kudos to Dolphy for still being able to do films despite his age. By now, he should be given projects fit for a king and this is definitely not the right one.

Wapakman - Manny is good in boxing, but I'm not watching his fights. He is a bad actor, so why would I even care to watch this crap?

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