Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Hate Tayong Dalawa's Ending! Grrrr!

I am not that fond of watching TV, much less, local soap operas, but I do indulge every time Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's tandem was part of the casts. I just love these two because if you have seen them since their stint on PBB, you will definitely admire the growth and improvement that they are both showcasing on their craft.

For nine months, I tuned in to Tayong Dalawa because of these two. The story started okay, it was able to highlight each and every character. This is why most of their characters have eventually become household names, the most popular being Lola Gets. The story started sagging down when they have decided to revolve everything on the character of Jake Cuenca, Dave. Everyone at the time would breathe, live and die all for Dave. That was also the time that I started avoiding the show.

I watched again after Dave let go of Audrey, Kim's character. This could have happened a bit earlier so that Audrey and JR could have explored their marital lives, and even include the common problems involved in this situation. But the creative team did not do that because like what happened on the last weeks of the show, when the focus of the story was turned to JR and Audrey, they could no longer find anything interesting plot for the Dave character. And it is very obvious that this cannot be allowed because Jake Cuenca is Jake Cuenca, hmmm, Ana Dizon wannabe? Hehe!

Tomorrow will be the last night for this soap, but I am no longer interested in seeing how it is going to be. I have a clear idea that whatever it is, it is going to be in favor of Jake. For me, the soap ended after Audrey delivered a baby and she was alive and they all lived happily ever after. It also ended after Paul shot Dave, and for me, Dave died on the spot and Ramon, who witnessed the incident, will bring his dead body to his family, will ask for their forgiveness and kill himself. Ramon's character is too bad that he really has to die.

During their promotions, they keep on saying that they will give us a very unforgettable ending. I thought that Santino would appear at the end to heal everyone. Haha! That would be a first in Philippine TV, a cross over of a popular character from May Bukas Pa to Tayong Dalawa.

It was very unfair to kill Audrey's character. She did nothing on the story but cry. When she was allowed to be happy, they have decided to kill her character. She was still crying up to her very last scene, on the video footage where she left her message for JR.

It is funny how many characters they had to kill in this story, from the two Stanley, Jr., David Garcia, Sr., Baron Geisler's character, Nico and the gang (hehe!), Mylene Dizon's character, Olivia, Greta, Mamita, Lola Gets and the unfortunate death of Audrey. Whatever happened to the supposed father of Ingrid? Did he die as well? How about Baby Robert? Now what is Baby Robert. "Tao ba 'to? Bagay? Lugar? Pangyayari?" The writers find it hard to make the boy integral to the story.

I was thinking of buying the DVDs, the start, then I'll skip the parts after Dave was rescued from the terrorists and maybe the last one, beginning at the time when JR and Audrey got married. But now, I would no longer do that because ABS CBN decided to favor the big bosses behind the soap instead of the voices of those who would love to see Audrey happy and alive.

They knew what people would say if they had done poll or text voting as to whose life would you rather save at the end, Dave or Audrey. Now don't ask why until now ABS CBN still trails behind GMA 7, even if the latter has nameless and only few talented actors. They play favorites and maybe the Kimerald fans are not part of the favorite list.

Oh well, maybe they could do ending number 2 to be shown on Your Song. Name it as, Tayong Dalawa: The Real Ending, where Audrey would be saved and Dave will die or simply lose his sanity or disappear together with Baby Robert.

I hope that they are already cooking up something for Kim and Gerald where they will be the central characters. This is only inevitable after the two had given their all for Tayong Dalawa. As for Jake, I am pretty sure that there are hoards of projects lined up on his silver plate already. If only Lola Gets wasn't killed in the story, they could do a spin off like a comedy series or a sitcom where Lola Gets will get the top billing.

Oh, too much rants and all I really want to say is GRRRRRRR!

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