Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Politics, Tsismis and Everything Else in Between

In my search for local showbiz tsismis, I found this picture.

The caption reads: Bitbit ang kanilang mga mangkok, matiyagang pumila ang mga batang ito para makakuha ng libreng pagkain na ipinamigay ng isang non-governmental organization (NGO) sa isang squatters area sa Tondo, Maynila kahapon. (AP)

This reminds me of the million-peso dinner that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies had during their most recent trip abroad. This also brought back memories when former President Joseph Estrada headlined all news with his extravagant way of life. As 2010 comes near, we should really be looking for people like Ninoy and Cory Aquino. They did not aim for luxury. All they wanted was to serve and help the Filipino people.

But that would be hard. There is something about power that makes people change drastically from saints into monsters. We may laugh at Senator Miriam Santiago at most times but at least she speaks what most of us have long been thinking about. The latest of her good speeches include the over-budgeted infomercials of those who seem to be planning to run for office next year. Even if these people do not have any intentions to run come 2010, they should not waste people's money in such venture.

Before they spend a single cent just so they can appear maganda and pogi onscreen, they should think about the children who still have to line up to every feeding program that will visit them to survive life. How many children could be fed by all the infomercials or even the campaign ads of those who are claiming to be the answer to poor people's every day dilemma?

As most people learn how to dance to the tunes of their sad and poor lives, politicians and other government appointees should stop dancing on TV to create a buzz about them or their projects. We do not need to know who they are. We want to see and benefit from what they have done and continue to do even without the glitz and glammor of the lights, cameras and their celebrity endorsers.

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